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The iSteve film with Justin Long is available for free

The iSteve film with Justin Long is available for free


iSteve, the humorous film about Jobs's life, available online streaming

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<p style=Stop your enthusiasm now: this is not the official film about the life of Steve Jobs, but only his parody.

The film iSteve, in fact, a parody on the life of Steve Jobs made by Funny Or Die, was released today, although two days late compared to the roadmap due to the attack that hit Boston in recent days.

The film, however highly anticipated even if it is a parody, available for free streaming on the web. Anyone, therefore, can watch it for free and directly on the web without having to pay anything.

As we said, iSteve is a parody of Steve Jobs's life, Apple CEO and co-founder who passed away a year and a half ago.

The role of the visionary of the technological world of the past decades was taken by Justin Long, the boy who played the Mac in the Get a Mac saga, while Jorge Garcia plays Steve Wozniak and James Urbaniak takes the role of Bill Gates.

The film has a total duration of 78 minutes and can be viewed for free on this page.

But how is this movie? Beautiful? Does it deserve to be looked at?

Apparently not!

Who has seen itdid not express too flattering opinions.Cult of Mac, for example, calls it not too humorous, as well as inaccurate in several respects. Moreover, it must be considered that the film did not intentionally faithfully reproduce the story, but reinterpreted many historical passages adapting them to the logical thread given to the script.

As might have been expected, to watch a quality film on Jobs' life we ​​will have to wait for the official film "jOBS", with Ashton Kutcher, which has currently been postponed to a later date.

Anyway, if you watch this movie, let us know what you think. I really don't think I have time to watch it. Obviously it will be in English.

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