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The iPod also in Toyota Scion

The iPod also in the Toyota Scion logomacitynet1200wide 1

Thanks to a Pioneer system compatible with the iPod, Toyota Scion models in the United States will be able to handle the digital music of the Apple player.

The 2006 Scion xA and xB models that will be in the US Toyota dealerships during the week will mount a refurbished Pioneer sound system, with an extra accessory equipped with a mini-jack connector you can view track names and move through the iPod menus, also with the control buttons on the steering wheel of models xA and xB.

The optional accessory costs $ 260 including installation. The Scion xA costs from 12,730 to 13,530 dollars, the extremely curious xB costs from 13,880 to 14,680 dollars.

Scion was one of the brands that had been announced as first-tier producers, after BMW, which had informed Apple of the desire to integrate the iPod since last January.

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