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The "independent" iPhone software will be distributed via iTunes

Will official iPhone applications be distributed via iTunes? To listen to Tiny Code a site that until a few days ago took care of distributing bug fixes for software (unofficial) for third-party iPhones, it would seem so.

To reveal the detail, a message appeared briefly on the site (currently offline, each one makes the most appropriate considerations on this situation …) of the American developer in which it is emphasized that the closure of the distribution of the software that carried out these operations only temporarily and soon would be back on iTunes. The site explicitly refers to a work done with Apple for its software development kit, now close to launch.

The news that Apple can use iTunes to distribute third-party applications certainly leaves no surprise. The thesis of an iTunes store that also sells software the most accredited by all observers since it allows Apple to control the 'supply chain' from every point of view, from that of security to end with that of profits, without iTunes having the system with to which Apple today distributes patches and updates to the operating system of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Up to now, no one had ever confirmed that this would also be the channel for third-party software.

Tiny Code, in addition to letting you know that iTunes will distribute the software developed for the iPhone (and most likely also iTouch), reveals (also in this case with little surprise) that to run the third-party software it will take a new version of the firmware , 1.1.4 which would currently be in alpha phase 2. What is new in the statement that the software is still in a phase not very close to the definitive one (the alpha version precedes the beta which in turn could be more a). At first glance, between the alpha and the final version, there may be more than fifteen days that separate us from the end of the month, when, according to Jobs' statements, the SDK should arrive, even if not given to know what they are the forces deployed in this sector by Apple and therefore the time between one release and another.

Recall that at present there is the hypothesis that Apple may hold before the end of February a special event dedicated (also) to the launch of the development kit for iPhone applications. The hypothesis that in that context, in addition to revealing the system with which the software will be distributed to the public, the first applications designed for the Apple mobile phone may also appear.