The Google search app brings dark mode to iPhone and Android

The Google search app brings dark mode to iPhone and Android

For lovers of the dark mode there is good news: now the Google search app has an interface designed specifically for this purpose. Almost a year after the Dark theme for smartphones and tablets made its massive market entry, the Mountain View giant has revised its iPhone, iPad and Android application, making available a secondary interface with background, texts and buttons that adapt to the dark mode of the devices.

This is a silent update that may not yet be available to all users: the only requirement is to have a device updated to at least iOS 12 or Android version 10, as well as clearly the latest version of the application for the respective platform. Gradually, dark mode should be available for these devices within a couple of weeks.

To activate it, you do not have to do anything: the system will in fact be able to recognize the activation of the dark mode at the system level and, if necessary, automatically adjust the user interface of the app. If, on the other hand, the dark mode is active on the phone, but you prefer to continue using the Google app in "light" mode, then simply adjust the relative option through a new button in the menus.

The dark mode, remember, preferable especially in the evening thus avoiding eye strain but it can also be a good choice during the day for all those OLED devices that can save energy by turning off the individual LEDs on the display in all those areas in which have completely black pixels.

The Google app, available on the App Store in a universal version for iPhone, iPad and iMessage and on the Play Store for Android devices, offers quick access to the search engine, without going through the browser. It can be used to quickly find answers to your doubts, deepen your interests and stay updated on what is happening in the world through the Discover panel. The app features an automatic learning system that improves day by day, based on the use of the individual user.

The Google search app is now in dark mode

With the application you can also easily track nearby shops and restaurants using GPS location, view sports results in real time, keep an eye on appointments on the calendar, check flight and hotel reservations, timetables and films scheduled in the cinema (even if at the moment everything is blocked due to coronavirus), consult videos and images, keep up to date with news reports, learn about stock market trends and much more. In short, everything on the web passes through the Google app.

Thanks to the Discover function, you can receive updates on topics of interest, know the weather forecast and the main news of the day, receive notifications when your favorite artists publish a new album and so on. The app also includes Google Lens, the system designed by the company that allows you to search through a scan of objects via camera. For example, it can be used to identify plants and animals, to know the prices of a particular dress, or to scan a QR code to find out what is "inside".

Compatibility with iMessage also allows you to search and share restaurants, GIFs and everything else without abandoning the ongoing conversation. The app also uses Gboard, the Google keyboard for quick writing, which allows you to search and send information, GIFs, emojis and more directly from the keyboard and from any app. Finally, there is also the dedicated Widget to find out the trends in your area.

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