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The good guys use iPhones, the bad guys only Android

I buoni usano iPhone, i cattivi solo Android

We are at the beginning of a compelling TV series or a movie but, looking closely at the smartphones and devices that the characters use, we can pick up precious clues that can escape those who are less sick of technology and especially for those who are not an Apple fan because, known for some time, the good ones use iPhone while the bad ones only use Android.

We can thus take advantage of a meticulous Apple policy that regulates the smallest details such as the iPhone and the other Cupertino devices and computers must appear in the TV series on the small screen and in the movies. The rules of product placement, i.e. the advertising placement of Apple's products for TV and cinema prohibit iPhone and Mac from being used by the bad guys.

IPhone 11 is 69% of all iPhones sold in the USA at the end of 2019

This was already known in the days of Mac against PC, when the good ones used are Mac, now the update comes from Rian Johnson, appreciated director of Looper, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Dinner with crime and other works both for the cinema and for the TV.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnson illustrates Apple's policy that can transform us into movie and TV series geniuses. Another funny thing, I don't know if I should say it or not … Not because it's lecherous or something, but because it will ruin me the next mysterious film that I write, but forget it, I will say it. very interesting. Apple … allow you to use iPhones in movies but – and that's crucial if you're ever watching a mysterious movie – villains can't have iPhones in the scenes.

The director is undoubtedly brilliant and does not fail to point out the possible consequences of his confession. So oh nooooooo, every single director who has a villain in his film that should be a secret wants to kill me right now. In this article we report the video of the interview with Rian Johnson of Vanity Fair: the curious statement is located about 2 minutes at 50 seconds of the movie.

In the TV and cinema production industry, Apple is known for having strict rules on how its devices should be used, portrayed and photographed. The guidelines for the use of trademarks and copyrights the company specifies that Apple products must be shown in the best light, in a way or context that is favorably reflected on Apple products and on Apple Inc.

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