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The go-ahead for iPhone 4 shipments?

The go-ahead for iPhone 4 shipments? – Macitynet.it

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Now we are there: it seems that American users will soon get their hands on the new model of the iPhone, and that, indeed, someone may even receive it in advance. To spread the alleged news the well-known Macrumors portal: those who pre-ordered the device would be receiving a notice on the Apple site that signals the start of the shipment, together with a tracking code of the FedEx courier. The page also specifies that delivery will take place on June 23, a day earlier than the official release in stores.

However, it is still unlikely, save for lucky mistakes, that buyers will receive iPhone 4 before launch, since Apple notices to postpone the shipping date until the actual launch day. Just as it was for the recent iPad when Apple got to the point of withholding the customs documents so as not to run the risk of carelessness by the shippers, those who pre-ordered the device will probably receive it on the morning of the 24th. We are waiting to find out if this is the case again: the release of the new Apple device now around the corner.

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