The future of accessories? The Mobile rewrites it ... part two

The future of accessories? The Mobile rewrites it … part two

The comparison with Logitech, Targus and TechAirsul of the future of accessories in the Mobile Age continues from the previous Post. If 2011 has already presented the gameplay of the new business for the coming years in the eyes of all the players, what awaits us in 2012? 2) What are the sales forecasts for (…)

The comparison with Logitech, Targus and TechAirsul continues from the previous Post future of accessories in the Age of Furniture.If 2011 has already presented the gameplay of the new business for the coming years in the eyes of all the players, what awaits us in 2012?

2) What are the sales forecasts for Tablet accessories in 2012?

He debuted Graziano Martin, Tech Air, referring to the enclosures: "An explosion of range depth, especially in the choice of fabrics and materials that ad hoc each new single device".

Indeed, with regard to enclosures, it is already possible to find solutions for all tastes. Although with the advent of new models, and perhaps of the expected iPhone 3 of which there are rumors already in the corridors of accessories vendors .., dimensions and shapes will continue to change.

Massimo Pirola – Targus

"Difficult to say" continues an enthusiastic but more prudent Massimo Pirola, Targus. "In fact the market is still in an embryonic state, or today we are not talking about the" Tablet phenomenon "but the" iPad "phenomenon." As to blame him, the market shares held by the Apple remain consistent despite the myriad of new entrants.

Pirola continues: "In 2011, Tablet sales of 60,000,000 pieces are expected, to go to 100,000,000 in 2012. So the increase in the sale of accessories will be very high ”.

In his analysis, the Manager indicates how traits of a new and non-replacement market and therefore the expected sales are very high.

Patrice Henry, Logitech's Country Manager Italy, concludes with its indication for 2012: "Considering that the Tablet market is constantly growing, we expect that the accessories market will also benefit".

But notebooks and PCs that will be And what will be the repercussions on the relative accessories?

3) Do you think that in the medium term the accessories for notebooks and PCs will become niche products or in any case secondary compared to those for tablets?

Patrice Henry – Logitech

Patrice Henry particularly optimistic on this issue: "I do not believe that accessories for notebooks and PCs will become niche products; there will be an evolution also in this segment, new models will be presented, more modern, technologically more advanced, extremely portable but that will still need devices that complete the configuration ".The Country Manager continues:" Today the focus on the Tablet but let's not forget, let alone consider secondary, the desktop and notebook area, where for the latter Gartner has forecast a positive trend until 2015 ″.

Pirola of similar opinion: "Surely they will slow down but they will not become niche products because the tablet cannot replace the notebook yet. The situation is different for netbooks that will disappear "

Probably the time horizon of "extinction" of notebooks and long desktops. But a fairly widespread belief that these products are destined to become tools for "experts", while the Tablet, or their great-grandchildren, are destined for the masses.

concludes Martin: "No, although it will always depend a lot on the market development of the" smartphone "segment, increasingly a single solution for many services". Effectively Morgan Stanley expects in 2012 that the number of smartphones in circulation will exceed the sum of notebooks and PCs. mobile competition actually has a dual soul: smartphones and tablets.

4) Is the mobile phenomenon energetically reinvigorating the total turnover of the accessories sector or is it just a change related to the mix of products sold but without considerable impact on the general budget of the sector?

Graziano Martin – Tech Air

Tech Air is Logitech speak of overall growth, Targus he says: "In my opinion, this additional turnover will help everyone to compensate for the decreases due to the economic crisis and the slowdown of some categories. For this reason it is important to be there !!! ".

The crisis is seething. For tablets they grow quickly, even in Italian homes.

5) Will Tablet Accessories Provide Greater Margins for Dealers?

Pirola: "The maintenance of a certain marginality formally depends on the market players themselves.The accessories industry usually leaves good margins for everyone, but the tendency is to lower prices to chase sales. We hope it won't happen for this category too "

And we really hope not!If in a new and exciting market segment the It ecosystem will still be able to burn marginality immediately, it means that by now the value chain of our sector has passed a point of no return without meaning. It is to be hoped that oxygen for the channel it remains rich at least until the maturity stage of this new market.

He speaks of positive and physiological situation Logitech: “The diffusion of the Tablets certainly in the medium term will allow greater margins to retailers. It is a physiological issue that occurs whenever a new technology or an innovative product is launched. The market absorbs these changes, the offer expands and prices tend to fall, resulting in a reduction in margins. "

Tech Air focuses on the value of the materials: "… It goes without saying that a case of valuable material allows a chain of marginalt different from the current one".

True that the landing in GD of most of the Tablet, distributed by more and more signs, will speed up the spread and perhaps even the contraction of margins for Retailers. We will see …

6) What will be the most successful Tablet accessory for 2012?

"Bag, case, white, red in leather or in fabric or in technological material…. Be a small wardrobe to make our" device "in theme with our status". Word of Graziano Martin.

"Hard to say! The truly wide range of accessories for all brands … I hope it is a Targus product for iPad3 ".Pirola Talks about iPad3, grandson of the iPad of the first generation of a family of Apples that the market devours by throwing open the jaws ..

Henry: "Establish a priori which will be the most successful accessory for the complicated 2012". The Logitech range is however wide and ready to satisfy all needs. The Manager concludes: "… we too are curious to see what the final response will be".

Challenging the right prudence of the interviewees, I believe that the cult accessory will be a case. I don't know which, what brand … but a case.

The comparison with Logitech, Targus and Techair ends here. A comparison that has allowed us to make the explosive show that is about to animate the world of mobile accessories clearer. A positive show that deserves everything, everything, the entire IT Channel!

What do you think about it?