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The free router for MacOS X: geeRoute

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The free router for MacOS X: geeRoute logomacitynet1200wide 1

GeeRoute 1.0b1 is a Freeware router for Mac OS X users: it works as an IPNet Router but it costs absolutely nothing: it provides you with IP address sharing and NAT and firewall options if you have a single IP to share among multiple Mac based on the advanced architecture of Mac OS X-Use shell and Perl to automate NATd, ifconfig and ipfw. Automatically starts at boot time by starting the IP and Firewall routing options. There is no need for any configuration, no interface: it is only necessary to install it and restart the machine.Obviously you have to configure the TCP / IP control panel on your second mac or on the PC or Mac client according to the indications of the site from which you can download the software. thank the author with an email! Thanks also to the users of our forum who recommended the application.

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