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The first downside of the FireWire 800.

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The first downside of the FireWire 800 medal. –

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An Apple kBase reveals an aspect of the FireWire 800 which, if verified more widely, could limit its "universality".

A Sony camera, the DFW-VL500 model, would not be able to record if connected, with appropriate cables, to the FireWire 800 which is now present on the latest generation PowerMacs and 17-inch PowerBooks.

As we showed you during our visit to the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, where the FireWire 800 was officially born in the Apple home, some conversion cables between the FireWire 800 and the FireWire 400 are already on the market able to take advantage of a fast port in the middle of its bandwidth capabilities.

In this specific case, Apple recommends connecting the VL-500 to the FireWire 400 port on the Mac as a solution: it is probably only an isolated case but if the FireWire 800 were to be found to be so limited in "downgrade" use via a FireWire 800-400 conversion (Apple itself suggests some Belkin models on its Italian page, even if the one in English is more complete with details), we could for a long time see the contemporary presence of old and new doors on all Macs: the first for maintain a "total backward compatibility" and the others to connect ultra-fast peripherals.

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