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The first Cube has arrived

Friend Roberto received his copy of Cube, ordered about a week ago via the Apple Store. The cubes in fact begin to be in the distribution channels and many stores are waiting for the first units, Apple Store, however, has allowed the arrival of the machines to its customers a few days in advance. Here are some passages of Roberto's impressions waiting to receive our copy, which seems to be traveling, to be subjected to a complete test: I am writing to tell you that I received the Cube I had ordered from the Apple Store a week ago. It is really beautiful, small (but heavy) and with the white led shining through the plastic (and pulses when it is in sleep). The new keyboard has the qwerty lay-out (a PC keyboard practically) and finally the point works without the capitalization (same speech for the numbers above the letters, now they can be written without capital letters). The processor after two hours of use gives me a temperature of 39 degrees … not too much.

Apparently my Cube has no sign on the external plastics that some American users reported on Macintouch … my been assembled in Singapore. The hard drive a Western Digital and the DVD the usual Matshita SR-8186.

The operating system 9.0.4 with:

FireWire 2.5 (this version apparently should solve the problems encountered when using multiple devices on the same bus) USB 1.4.5 Open Transport 2.6.2b1 Mac OS ROM T1-5.2.1

The sound control panel has also changed, which now allows greater control of the in / out peripherals.

The speakers are incredible, the performance (sound) good. On the computer installed a QuickTime video to test the speakers. Not only that, but on the computer there is also AirPort 1.2 (this means that maybe we are also close to the release in Italy) FAXstf 6 (in Italian), besides iMovie 2, the Palm software (Palm Desktop), the Altivec plug-ins for Photoshop and QuickTime4.1.2. Interesting (for those who were beginners) the software that guides the computer setup.