The first apps for Apple Watch

The first apps for Apple Watch

January far away, but at the time of the release the first smartwatch made in Cupertino will already present itself with a series of apps. Here they are

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After the Apple Watch presentation last week, between fans and onlookers officially started the countdown for the release in the stores of the Apple watch. Given that in reality a precise date of commercialization there is not (Tim Cook remained on a vague "beginning 2015"), it is legitimate to imagine that these three months will serve to Apple to build even more hype around its next device. To start with the bang , the Apple Watch website lists a list of apps available at launch inevitably destined to confront the functions of the competing platform, Android Wear, already available on more than one device. Here are the most important, divided by area.

CommunicationsMessaging has a leading role in the DNA of Apple Watch. SMS messages are sent under dictation, with animated emojis designed by Apple or by choosing from ready-made options that the system provides you with, such as answers to a question you just received. But you can also call, thanks to an integrated microphone and speaker, or interact with the mail, eliminating it or marking it.

The experience is enriched by a series of other functions ranging from the original to the bizarre: the touch screen allows you to send simple drawings and scribbles made with the fingers; the walkie-talkie function lets you talk to your interlocutor like Michael Knight with KITT in Supercar; the touch simply makes the recipient's smartwatch vibrate, alerting him that the notification comes from you (the equivalent of ringing at the mobile phone in the 1990s); "Heartbeat" an option that records your heart rate through the heart rate monitor and sends it in the form of vibrations to a contact of your choice.

FitnessThe sensors inserted in the body of the Apple smartwatch make it an exercise companion worthy of the most advanced smartbands. The clock sets a daily movement goal for you based on your recent activities. Plus, he understands when you are doing exercise and when you are standing, recording these events and encouraging you with notifications to do something more, especially when you have been sitting for a long time or when daily goals start to get elusive.

ClockIncredible: Apple Watch also a watch. Nothing to report in this respect, except for the many dials already available, for the millions of possible combinations already boasted by Cupertino and for the basic functions of stopwatch, timer and alarm. There is also a global time zone clock and a weather app with climate and weather information integrated into the system.

utilitiesMost apps in this category are self explanatory. With Calendar you can view, decline or accept scheduled and upcoming appointments. Passbook the transposition from wrist of the container of tickets and loyalty cards that you find on the iPhone. Also Siri the reduced interface of the voice assistant you find on the phone. Photo shows the images saved in memory and you can scroll with your finger or with the digital crown, while Viewfinder allows you to use Apple Watch as a camera remote control.

MapFinally, one of the most useful functions: with Maps you can point a destination on the screen and let the clock guide you even without looking at the display, through diversified clock vibrations that tell you whether to turn right or left at intersections.


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