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The fifth season of Apex Legends contains an avalanche of updates

The fifth season of Apex Legends contains an avalanche of updates

Battle Royale lovers your moment: EA and Respawn have started the fifth season of Apex Legends, releasing an update that adds a new character, and much more. In addition, also some significant changes to the original Canyon of the Kings map and other characters.

The holographic illusionist Mirage has, for example, some new tricks and can now remotely control the baits. Other characters have been achieved by smaller changes, such as the Bloodhound sonar skill that updates faster and also the Jump Octane pad that reloads faster than before. The Pathfinder robot has been weakened, now that its grappling ability has an increased recovery time from 15 seconds to 35.

The goal for the fifth season of Apex Legends, explains the developer, is to change the use of the map. First, Skull Town and Thunderdome were destroyed. This is a big change, especially now that the Broken Coast stretches from Octane's Gauntlet to the cliffs leading to Water Treatment.

The fifth season of Apex Legends contains an avalanche of updates

A new point of interest called Salvage has been added to the Broken Coast. It is a small industrial plant that is located in front of the Market, inside, above the water, there is the old Leviathan skull. Salvage an arena protected with high-level loot, and well connected to the surrounding area. There is also a new round-trip zipline, which offers powerful travel opportunities, from Salvage to Gauntlet, giving you the opportunity to cross the huge bay.

Another change introduced the reworking of the upper east corner of the map, where another territory has been added that expands the playable space. The Offshore Rig a new large area attached to the former Transmitter and Pantano areas. It connects to the now destroyed areas Transmitter, Condenser and Marshes.

Furthermore, new fields have been added surrounding the condenser excavation site, while the destroyed Forest of the original Canyon of the Kings continues to grow back. Other news concern, again, the charging towers, which have been re-proposed by the union for the Apex games.

Charging towers are a new addition to the Apex Legends sandbox. Interacting with the control panel, you can trigger an explosion that restores the maximum of all players on the charging tower platform.

In addition to the more noticeable big changes, there are also some small updates on the map, as well as countless corrections. Some of these things will be easy to spot during the game. Others will require more effort to be tracked down.

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