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The EU wants lower costs for broadband

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The EU wants lower costs for broadband –

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The broadband market must be more free and open to competition. This is the belief of the European Commission that, to achieve this goal, it will oblige the major carriers and providers of the EU to open their lines to competition.

The costs of broadband Internet services and some telephone services that are too expensive because they are controlled by a few companies in each country are targeted by the antitrust commission chaired by the Italian Monti. The spread of the fast Internet is seen as a fact of vital development '' and at this point an indispensable direct intervention '' said Monti during a meeting with the telecommunications authorities of each of the 15 countries.

In perspective, the companies that will be able to provide ADSL services at lower costs and above all competitive with those of large networks such as Deutsche Telecom, Telecom Italia and France Telecom will benefit from the impositions that will come from the telecommunications authorities.

It is no coincidence that Renato Soru is among the first to applaud Monti's statements, who sees great development prospects for his Tiscali, the third European Internet Provider.

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