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The EU: Microsoft hampers investigations

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The EU: Microsoft hinders investigations logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft has attempted to conceal the reality of the facts from the inspectors of the European Union in the context of the investigation that this is carrying out on the ways in which the giant of Redmond exercises his business practices in the old continent. The accusation, documented in a substantial documentation still partially censored to protect sensitive data, of particular importance because it could lead to a fine of billions of Euros and penalties still to be defined including also specific requests on the reduction of Windows functionality considered anti- According to the inspectors, in particular, Microsoft would have submitted to the inspectors letters that took the parts of the Windows manufacturers presenting them as spontaneously sent by external companies while these, however, were either written by Microsoft itself or were solicited or were actually controlled by Microsoft itself. At the moment Mario Monti, EU commissioner for anti trust, refused to mention the sanctions that will be imposed on Microsoft.

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