The entire Office suite arrives (finally) on Android

The entire Office suite arrives (finally) on Android

But there are still several details to fix and a few small holes

office for android(Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft has finally unveiled the Office suite for Android in a unified version or with access to the various functions and extensions in a single environment. The goal is to give a nice acceleration to productivity creating a fluid document creation process with Word, presentations with PowerPoint, worksheets with Excel, without having to – from time to time – install and open individual separate applications. An all-in-one approach in line with the most current trends, especially in the mobile sphere.

Given the nature dedicated to smartphones and other portable devices, Microsoft has also set up some dedicated functions. For example, the ability to scan QR codes to open files will be there full synchronization with cloud storage (also collaborative) of OneDrive, but not with that of third parties such as Drive or Dropbox and similar.

Very useful digital conversion of tangible documents framed with the camera via Office Lens; you can have a one-page Word or a table on Excel from an image.

As for the presentations, PowerPoint will be able to create them automatically starting from images to facilitate the procedure even for those who are not very experienced. The Memo part dedicated to notes on the fly. Finally, they will be able create pdf on the fly and even sign them typing with your finger on the touchscreen.

All very nice, but there are still some shortcomings and shortcomings. Above all, the optimization for Android tablets or for Chromebooks laptops. The consequence is a not so perfect display for these devices, especially for theinability to orient the screen horizontally. Something that can also be a lesser evil on tablets, but on notebooks it limits the experience a lot.

There is no doubt that this is the first version of the unified suite, so many improvements will come gradually in the coming months. Will there also be a fee for iOS for iPhone and iPad? For now Microsoft has not yet exposed itself, but more than predictable.

Here is the direct link on Google Play Store to download the unified Office suite for Android for free.


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