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The "curious" delivery times for new products.

Speaking of Apple, a dominant theme is always the real availability of the products announced. The Cupertino company today announces a new range of PowerMac G4 and a 20-inch panoramic LCD display, if we ordered them today when they would be delivered to us?

We wanted to check it on the Italian AppleStore by comparing the times with the USA, here are the results:

PowerMac – we have chosen the top of the range model, built-to-order, with dual processor @ 1.42 GHz, 2 MB L3 cache, 2 Gb of RAM, 120 GB disk, SuperDrive, nVidia GeForce 4 Titanium graphics card with 128 MB, FireWire 800, 56K modem and Bluetooth.We note first of all, with great pleasure, the price alignment between the US and Italian stores, indeed, even (thanks to the exchange) cheaper (before taxes, which for different) buy it in Europe rather than in the USA. Strange that, if we believe what AppleStore communicates to us, in Italy the new PowerMac could get home within the week since the 3-day assembly estimate while in the USA we have to wait at least a month, a month and a half.

Cinema Display 20 ″ – the new “middle” LCD monitor with 20-inch panoramic format and 1,680 x 1,050 resolution is also cheaper in Europe but in compensation for the very short times (practically ready), there is complete harmony between the US and Italian stores.

With the opportunity we wanted to see how much iLife is delaying, initially expected for January 24th:

iLife – the package of the four software that pass under the iApps category (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD) in the AppleStore USA data available in 5/7 days, thus breaking through the forecast, perhaps too optimistic, of January 31; the Italian AppleStore instead postpones it even in early March!

Will it all be true? We just have to wait.