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The classic has its cost

Apple been speaking. He had promised to leave the doors open to those who for various reasons still cannot adopt Mac OS X as a single system, and he did it.

The choice has resulted in the maintenance of two old 1.25 GHz G4s, one GeForce Ti graphics card and one with Radeon Pro.

The announcement of the continuation of the availability of the machines, for some users, such as those (who use Xpress and those who deal with music) the only way to update their CPUs, was not received with great enthusiasm and could not be, given the decidedly penalizing pricing policy.

The model with Radeon and 256 MB of Ram, for example, costs a good 3118.80 euros (2599 + VAT), exactly 600 more than the corresponding model "Mac OS X only", 1.2 million of the old lire only partially justified by the fact that the Mac OS 9 machine has 256 MB of extra RAM, a 120 MB HD and 2 MB of third level cache. By trying to configure a similar system (without only the mega extra in the cache) it is not possible to cancel the difference in cost at all. If you consider that the new G4 also has a more modern motherboard, FireWire 800, Bluetooth and Airport Extreme predisposition, redesigned and less noisy internal case, there is really something to be amazed about.

An amazement that grows and turns into a hint of resentment when you do some account and compare it to what happens on the American market.

Here too the models for Mac OS 9 cost more than those for Mac OS X, but taking into account, between the exchange rate calculated in an extremely unfavorable way and technical details, it is clear how the European market has been decidedly penalized.

The same G4 which in Italy costs 2599 (+ VAT) in the USA costs 2499 $ (or 2300 euros) and in addition also has the "DVD burner", mysteriously replaced by the combo DVD + CD-RW in the European version. How to say another $ 200 discount (the difference between Superdrive and Combo), about 184 euros.

The reason for all this (but not for the difference in equipment between the USA and the European model) could be traced in Apple's desire to encourage migration to Mac OS X, disadvantaging the purchase of systems compatible with the old operating system. In short, those who have the opportunity to opt for the two systems should have no doubts and choose the new G4. Only those who can not really do without it could be pushed to buy the "old" compatible with Mac OS 9.

The position of Apple, from this point of view, understandable, but understandable are also the protests that crowd newsgroups, mailing lists and various forums and in which it is highlighted how Cupertino's policy if it favors the spread of Mac OS X probably punishes many of the "Loyal" of the platform, those who have long used Mac OS