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The boss of webOs goes to Google

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Google has every intention of being serious. And catch one of the greatest talents raised in Silicon valley as regards mobile operating systems: this is the young Martias Duarte, the father of the experience of webOS, the Palm operating system, recently purchased for 1.3 billion dollars from HP .

Changing employer must not have already gone to young Duarte, who has thus decided to follow the siren-Google and the inevitable millionaire offer. Duarte will now be User Experience Director for Android, and this is excellent news for fans of the Google operating system, which lacks a coherent experience between the different versions and which is spreading over a growing number of terminals, with features and potential. different.

The unification of the Android experience is the goal that Google is trying to pursue harder, thanks also and above all to the use of increasingly interesting versions such as the one just released 2.2. However, a "touch of an artist" is still missing, which according to many observers could come thanks to Duarte. The young prodigy of user interfaces has created that of webOS, which despite the poor sales results considerable among the best out there.

Duarte's departure was essentially a hard loss especially for HP, who thought that with the purchase of Palm he could take advantage of the expertise of that company's technicians for a while longer. But above all, the desire to "normalize" Palm, much smaller and more creative than the giant HP, could be the basis of Duarte's departure, which aimed towards Apple's only credible opponent in this sector, namely Google.