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The BlackList: Conspiracy, we become F.B.I. agents we too!

The BlackList: Conspiracy

Are Thriller TV Shows Your Bread? Do you know every single secret service department by heart? Don't you miss an episode of your favorite show where the bad guys always try to escape? Then we have the title for you: Gameloft recently published The BlackList: Conspiracy, mobile video game to be able to become real secret agents.

The title is inspired by the renowned TV series The BlackList, an original production by the NBC network that narrates the exploits of the criminal Reddington and the young FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen, better known as Lizzie. The great success recorded has created the conditions for creating a game dedicated to smartphones.

The BlackList: ConspiracyThe small puzzles to solve will be at the center of the gameplay of The BlackList: Conspiracy.

The point and click developed by Gameloft it has many strengths that will make the gameplay exciting and interesting. Putting ourselves in the shoes of a real detective we will have to make the right choices during interrogations in order to obtain the information necessary to solve the cases; carefully analyze crime scenes to find any useful clues. But be careful: we won't have all the time in the world.

The BlackList: ConspiracyBe careful who you trust: they could change the fate of the case!

Indeed for each crime scene to be analyzed we will have a countdown that will encourage our research: the faster we are, the more points we can collect even by taking advantage of the bonuses provided. We will become coordinators of operations, and based on our choices we will have different reactions and situations to face: this makes history more dynamic and gives greater longevity.

Everything will be seasoned with twists such as betrayals, surprises and stories that intertwine with others. There are all the necessary ingredients to reproduce 100% a real cinematic thriller situation. Currently available on the Play Store, compatible with all Android smartphones that mount version 4.0 or later. In-app purchases are planned. We leave you the badge to download it from the store reminding you that the life of the profiler inside the F.B.I. very complicated and always full of unexpected events!

The Blacklist: Conspiracy

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