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The best of Bing on iPhone and Safari will be seen shortly

Among the news of the new Safari 5, the inclusion of Bing's series in the list of search engines that can be called up when performing a search on the web (you can switch from one search engine to another by clicking on the triangle in the left part of the field) search and choosing options from the menu).

"We have a non-disclosure agreement for terms," ​​said Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of the online audience business section at Microsoft, speaking from the Seattle Search Marketing Expo stage, and also said that Apple was pleasantly impressed with some new features of Bing, especially those designed for iPhone users.

"The keystone," said Mehdi, "was our work with HTML5; some prototypes were shown during the WWDC by people "enlightened" by what can be done with HTML5. Microsoft will implement these features in the coming months. "

Bing has gained a lot of ground in the last year: some innovative features have allowed him to reach 10% share in the United States in a few months (comScore data, September 2009). Among the latest news made available to users: Bing Maps, for immersion in real 3D environments reproduced and explorable, the integration of geo-localized Twitter messages, social networks and cartographic services that open new avenues for sharing and socializing Network.

(By Mauro Notarianni)