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The best games for Android: the ranking of!

The best games for Android: the ranking of!

The Play Store for some time now, it has offered an innumerable playground of all categories, from pastimes to more complex games that require particularly high-performance hardware, with CPU is GPU last generation.

We at the editorial staff of we decided to share with you what we believe to be the 10 most beautiful games present on the Play Store, making a ranking of the best games for Android. We have included games that require a certain power and that will allow you to fully enjoy your latest generation Android smartphones or tablets, but there are also very simple titles, the classic pastimes that do not require particularly important performances, and therefore can be installed on almost all terminals.


Who does not know Real Racing 3? The title looks like one of the most beautiful games on the store Google, both for graphic quality and for longevity. Incredible realism that we find both in the car or track polygons, and in the gameplay of the game. In fact, a perfect driving simulator, particularly faithful even in the engine rumble!

In our opinion, the only flaw is the formula free to play, which allows you to download it for free, but during the game, in order to be able to repair the car in an immediate time, for example, you need to make a monetary outlay. However, we recommend you to try it, especially for lovers of running games.

The game freeand requires 1.7 GB free on your device.

(App) (/ app)

We could not fail to mention The Bards Tale, one of the longest running games, already reviewed by us, with over 20 hours of gameplay necessary to complete it 100%. This is a RPGvery particular and graphically captivating, in our opinion the best of its kind, characterized by a fantasy setting, which traces the misadventures of a bard, called to save princesses, defeat dragons, monsters, and whoever has more.

There is also a vast scenario that can be freely explored, with truly intuitive gameplay. A flaw found in the absence of the Italian language: all the dialogues are in English, and it could create difficulties for those who do not chew the language well. For the rest, highly recommended.

The paid title, currently discounted by 50%, a 2.28 , and it requires at least 1.7 GB free.

(App) com.inxile.BardTale (/ app)

Who has never played at least once Vice City raise your hand! Did you all play it? Well, now you can do it from your smartphone / tablet. Vice City, the masterpiece of the masterpieces for the times gone by, and still remains a truly beautiful game, especially the incredible possibility of having it on mobile devices. This is not a "castrated" version, but a porting of the record-breaking game for the old one PS2.

Relive the adventures of Tommy Vercetti on our smartphone, in our opinion, great. You will speed through the streets of Vice City armed with pistols and machine guns, with a myriad of missions available, well-kept dialogues and graphics, all optimized for our latest generation devices (but also for some older but better optimized).

The paid title, with a cost of 4.67 , and it's worth them all. The weight of the game around 1.5 GB.

(App) com.rockstargames.gtavc (/ app)

Famous and new title of the successful saga Modern Combatlicense plate Gameloft. You know Call of Duty? Imagine such a shooter on your device and you will understand what we are talking about. Modern Combat 4 is preparing to be the number one shooter currently on the Google Play Store.

After a nuclear accident, the only hope for preventing the global catastrophe lies in the hands of a few soldiers, who must retrace and save world leaders from a group of terrorists.

Really high level and very intuitive gameplay. In our opinion, graphics and audio are console-like, with really well-made and above all very realistic animations. It also features a very interesting online multiplayer mode.

The paid title costs 5.99 , is occupies 1.9 GB.

(App) (/ app)

If you are lovers of FPS (First Person Shooter) multiplayer, and above all free, this is definitely the game for you.

In Shadow Gun DeadZoneyou are a galactic bounty hunter, ready to take out dozens of other hunters to become the most sought after in the galaxy, all in multiplayer salsa. The game modes are two, or the classic deathmatch, and the zone control. The game maps are varied, with 10 different characters and a set of 21 upgradeable weapons.

Needless to say, we liked it graphically, as well as the gameplay. We absolutely recommend it.

The title available for free with a weight that varies depending on the devices (on our Xperia Z weighs around 200 MB).

(App) com.madfingergames.deadzone (/ app)

Let's move on to a very simple game, which does not require performing hardware, but which has gone around the world and is present on almost every smartphone. We bet that you have already installed it too, but we propose it to you again because it is really fun.

For the record we explain what it consists of. Ruzzle a multiplayer word game that allows you to challenge your friends Facebook and not.

Each game features 3 rounds, and the victory goes to whoever gets the highest score.

How does it work? You have a sort of matrix, or blackboard if you like, with a series of scattered letters, which obviously will be different for each round and for each game, and you will have to connect the letters together in order to form a word of complete meaning.

Whoever manages to find more words scores a higher score, and therefore wins.

The title available in two versions, free and paid, and has a paltry weight of 15 MB. We recommend the paid version as ad-free, as well as offering additional functions.

(App) se.maginteractive.rumble (/ app)

(App) (/ app)

The "angry birds" return in galactic guise as the characters of Star Wars, famous saga of films that we all know.

Obviously we all know the mechanics of the game, which for years now present on our devices, with the various versions released by Rovio.

With a giant slingshot, we must launch the angry birds towards the pigs, to finally remove them from the medium. There are several birds with different characteristics, each with its own particular move.

The beauty of this version is its adaptation to Star Wars. We like the film, so we couldn't not download it. The scenarios are typical of the film, complete with lightsabers, powers Jedi and spaceships, obviously with birds in the shoes of Luke Skywalker or other characters in the saga.

Free title and requires 43 MB of free space.

(App) (/ app)

Flow Free a puzzle gamevery simple in structure but intelligent. To solve the most difficult puzzles you will have to strain your minds!

This game capable of holding you hours and hours in front of the smartphone, so be careful.

The aim of the game soon said: we will find ourselves in front of a "chessboard", with pairs of colored dots, for example two blue, two yellow, two green and so on. We have to join the dots of the same color, drawing a line, and being careful to connect them all not hindering the other colors.

Initially we will start with 5 different colors, which will increase as we level up, contextually increasing the difficulty as well as the size of the chessboard.

The game is completely free and only weighs 4.4 MB.

(App) com.bigduckgames.flow (/ app)

Ravensword a mix between RPG is adventure, on the false line of Elder Scroll's Oblivion. Unfortunately, although the idea behind the game is really good, it deserves to be positioned in ninth place for game mechanics and animations.

The title will surely keep you stuck to the screen because it is valid and particular. Fantasy-medieval, the protagonist is a soldier, the only survivor of a war, and he will have to find out why.

Like every RPG, you can increase the character's statistics once you level up, buy weapons, shields, armor, helmets etc. to personalize our alter-ego as much as possible and perform main and secondary quests, not particularly complex or long.

Longevity is one of the weak points, together with the certainly large map but which has limits that do not make it considered a real Open World game. To this we add very good graphics, at the level of settings or characters, but which is very scarce in the animations.

The ease of movement completely absent seems to make a wooden puppet walk. The first person view done really badly, with the hilt of the sword that is not handled but is above the hand of the protagonist.

For the rest, the story is nice and certainly one of the few titles that offers such gameplay.

Here is our in-depth review of Ravensword: Shadowland.

The price of the stock of 5.37 and occupy 515 MB.

(App) com.crescentmoongames.ravensword2 (/ app)

In tenth place we have inserted the video game transposition of the last chapter of the trilogy Nolaniana of the dark Knight.

From fans like us fromBatman, it seemed right to insert it, especially for the graphic quality that is truly exceptional.

The game, being a transposition of the film, retraces the whole story of the film de The Dark Knight: The Return, with changes to the plot by Gameloft to increase its longevity.

The well-structured gameplay: we have the opportunity to use the grappling hook to move from one building to another, use the cloak as if it were a glider, and drive the famous bat vehicles including the Batpod or the batwing. Also nice are the combos, which are repetitive, even too much.

Game in general suffers from the same problem. The main and secondary actions and missions are too repetitive, such as the liberation of the "territories" conquered by the enemy Bane: fist fights, destruction of vehicles or defusing of bombs are the variables on a small number of territories.

Because of this flaw we decided to assign it the tenth position.

However the title quite enjoyable and fans of Batman they shouldn't miss it.

The title available for a fee, a 5.99 and need 1.8 GB free.

(App) (/ app)

This is our ranking. Needless to remind you that for most of these games you need to have at least one processor dual-core is 1 GB of memory RAM,guy Galaxy S2 so to speak. Also important is the GPU.

For an optimal and absolutely lag-free experience of any kind you may need a quad-core last generation.

Do you agree with us? Have you already downloaded some of them? Let us know in the comments!

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