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The best desktop managers for Android: manage your smartphone from your pc

Morobo desktop manager per Android

Regarding the reproduction and organization of files, iTunes, the multimedia player developed and distributed by Apple without a doubt the best ever. As a technology enthusiast, it naturally arises to ask why Google has never made a similar one. However, programs similar to iTunes on Android to manage the smartphone from the PC are there in abundance. In this article, I point out to you the ones that in my view are the best desktop manager for Android.

Their purpose is to show you the content stored on your mobile device via computer.

Moborobo: of all desktop manager for Android, this freeware software what most of all remember iTunes. All data on the phone can be backed up using a special button. What makes the operation different from the others, since the wireless connection is not necessary nor the USB cable. Interesting functions are those relating to notifications, restoration, sending of messages, management of audio tracks, videos, images and applications.

Airdroid desktop manager for Android

AirDroid: The second one desktop manager for Android that I point out, more than an application program that must be installed on your smartphone. Its primary purpose is to give you the opportunity to perform a whole series of operations that are done daily from the phone, directly on the PC. These include uninstalling applications, sending SMS, managing the address book, playing video and audio files, moving files from computer to smartphone and vice versa. Airdroid also has advanced functions such as downloading and uploading photos, installing applications via APK, managing ringtones, locating the lost smartphone via PC and consequently blocking the mobile device remotely.

Their operating logic is all around the Wifi connection which must be shared by the main phone and the pc. Alternatively, you can also use the USB cable to connect your smartphone and PC.

SnapPea desktop manager for Android

SnapPea: in some respects this application is very reminiscent Moborobo, both because it does not require the wireless connection for correct operation (not even the USB cable) and for the functions, such as automatic backup of the phone data and the management of the Android smartphone's functions (address book, SMS, video and audio playback management , installing applications and exporting .APK files) directly from your computer.

To conclude, thanks to these desktop manager for Androidbacking up, synchronizing files, opening photos or transferring music will be even more immediate.

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