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The best astronomy apps on Android

The Night Sky Lite applicazioni di astronomia su Android

If you are fond of astronomy or a student fascinated by planets and constellations, you will probably also own a telescope. It must be said, however, that technology, especially in the field of furniture, has made important progress on the evolution of the universe. Therefore, with this article, we take the opportunity to report the best ones astronomy apps on Android.

The Night Sky Lite: if you are looking for an application to observe the sky, iCandy Apps will fully center it, since it allows you to search for the best observation point, starting from your current position. In addition, The Night Sky Lite shows you the weather conditions, useful for knowing when there are no clouds.

ISS Detector astronomy applications on Android

ISS Detector: without a shadow of doubt among the best astronomy apps on Android, since you can see the ISS station flying in the starry sky, in the form of a red dot. You will never miss any sighting of the International Space Station. Finally, given that a cloudless sky is ideal for a sighting, ISS Detector monitor if the weather conditions are perfect.

Sky Map astronomy apps on Android

Sky Map: LGoogle star atlas. Minimalist. No-frills interface. The only positive thing that the GPS and internet allow the recognition of the object framed by the camera of the Android device and provide all the information. On some devices it does not recognize the cardinal points and using it can be very complex.

Star Map astronomy apps on Android

Star Map: among the best astronomy apps on Android vi certainly that of Escapist Games Limited, whose main purpose is to ensure that you view stars, constellations is meteor showers actually augmented. Not surprisingly, this free app included in the education category of the Play Store. The possibility of seeing the position of the stars in relation to the years makes it Star Map one in a kind.

SkEye Astronomy astronomy applications on Android

SkEye Astronomy: we conclude the collection with this tool, able to connect to the telescope, in order to move with the utmost precision to follow the movement of the celestial vault.

In short, this is the list of the best apps for fans of astronomy and for sky watchers.

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