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The best apps to stay fit with Android and iOS

The best apps to stay fit with Android and iOS


Top fitness app: the best programs to keep fit during the summer (Android and iOS). Android and iOS fitness and sports programs

Here is the list of the best programs to stay fit and play sports with Android and iOS

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<h4 style=Fitness, here are the apps that help you stay fit for iOS and Android

We are finally here: summer has arrived, hotter than ever and, after a very hard work in the winter months, you are now ready for the costume test, to show your body and show everyone how hard you worked and suffered in preparation for this season of sea, swimming pool, holidays and relaxation.

Even if you've worked properly in the previous months, It is essential not to stop training and play sports during the summer months, to maintain the physical and not to "ruin" everything that has been done in the past months.

Fitness? Here are the best apps for Android and iOS

In the summer, however, going to the gym more tiring than usual: there are fewer people to chat with, it is warmer, we are more tired, we want to relax for a while Fortunately, however, with all the technology that surrounds us, no need to go to the gym to train and stay fit during the summer. Enough indeed download the right applications for Android and iOS to have all the exercises and workouts at hand.

On the Google Play Store Android and on the Apple App Store for iOS dozens of programs are available with workouts, tutorials, guides and exercises to perform for always stay trained and fit. Since the choice is so wide, however, we have decided to help you with one selection of the best apps for sports and fitness to download and install on your devices.

The best Android apps for fitness, chosen by athletes

So here is a selection of the best apps to download and install on Android and iOS to train and stay in shape even during the summer, without necessarily going to the gym.


I think this program needs no introduction. It is the app that involves various activities dedicated to the world of fitness (walking, jogging, running and cycling) and works through the GPS technology of the smartphone. Alternatively, if you love soft sports, you can use the walking version of the program, calledRuntastic Pedometer, with which you can count how many steps you walk each day and the calories burned. Instead, if you need advanced and professional physical activity, the version Running & Fitness ideal for monitoring and improving your training through specific indicators such as: km traveled, calories burned, heart beats and many others. If you love cycling, Runtastic offers the version Road Bike for road cycling (with more than 50 functions and the support of compatible accessories) e Mountain bike(perpedal both on the road and in the mountains).

Lapp available for free for all operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone is Blackberry.


His motto: You know what your ideal shape is, we know how to make it reach you. Is called FitStadium and the app that creates a training tailored to your needs and objectives: lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve endurance etc. and perfect it from time to time thanks to your feedback. The application only proposes bodyweight exercises:in this way you can train wherever and whenever you want thanks to 120 different types of activities, which involve every muscle in the body. It is interesting to note the numerous presencevideo tutorials in HD that will show you how to do each exercise.

Available free for devices Android and iOS and paid in the versionPRO, with additional functions.

If you need to unplug and relax mind and body with the ancient discipline of yoga, here it is right for you. offers you a collection of 300 positions and breathing exercises organized by difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and objectives (flexibility, balance, well-being, anti-stress and weight loss). As with other apps, each exercise explained in one HD video and accompanied by relaxing music tracks. Don't miss it calendar which will allow you to mark the exercises carried out with the relative progress and one social section to get in touch with other online users Studio available for smartphones and tablets iOS and Android for the price of 3.99 euros.

Vertical-life climbing

Disponibileper Android and iOS, makes it available to numerous users climbing guides for free climbing enthusiasts. Thanks to it you can get detailed information (color photos, maps and access modalities) on each cliff in order to choose the ideal one to meet your needs (family trip or training between professionals).South Tyrol, other cliffs are available around Arco, in the district of Lumignano and Steep, in Dolomite region, to San Vito lo Capo, toAmalfi, to Palinuro it's at Sperlonga while other regions will follow shortly. The 56 South Tyrolean cliffs can be downloaded as a trial for free, while the others are paid.

Nike + Training Club

Nike + Training Club: social training. Nike + training club is mainly based on close contact with thesports community that, from all over the world, animates this application. After signing up to the portal and creating the Nike + profile, possible add friends and share training programs with them, or choose from over 100 workouts designed by Nike Master TrainerDuring each session the social support of your crew of friends can be felt with real-time cheering and tips to improve performance. At the end of each workout, of course, all data can be shared with the community by participating in challenges and confrontations with altets from all over the world.

Push Ups Workout

Push Ups Workout (free): a fitness personal trainer based on a very simple exercise for everyone: push-upsA classic which, however, performed incorrectly, could prove to be useless or even harmful. Here then comes to the rescue of aspiring athletes with a sculpted physique this simple application, capable of taking into account the number of bends performed, calculating the calories consumed during training and calibrating the training program based on daily progress. Novice users can also choose from a number ofpreset floors based on age, weight and height, from beginner to expert level.

Personal Trainer by Skimble

The application has excellent reviews on the web and undoubtedly different from all the others. Your trusted personal trainers, called Jack and Sofia, will guide you and give you all the instructions you need to carry out your daily exercises. Guaranteed results!

Download Personal Trainer by Skimble and get back in shape with unique multimedia workouts! Get involved with Jack and Sofia, your virtual personal trainers, as they talk to you and guide you step-by-step through thousands of different exercises! Put on the earphones and follow their instructions and rhythm while doing weights or cardio, at home or in the gym. Use Personal Trainer for any activity you want: from jogging to yoga, through weight lifting and slimming programs. Get creative through more than a thousand different exercises, all accompanied by informative photos and / or videos, create your personalized workouts and keep fit!Personal Trainer by Skimble is ideal for beginners as well as for veterans of physical activity. For experts we offer Tabata, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), CrossFit WOD and time trial exercises.

7 Min Workout

If you are already a sportsman and you need intense and concentrated training, 7 Min Workout could really interest you. an app available for both iOS and Android operating systems, at a cost of 1.79 euros, which will be amply repaid already after the first few exercises. No tools are needed, just commitment and perseverance. It has almost all positive reviews and it seems that those who have tried it can no longer do without it.

Runtastic Timer

It is a completely free app, available for Android and iOS, which allows you to keep track of exercise execution times and rest times between exercises. The free basic version, the premium version with additional paid features. It is basically a "modern" and smart stopwatch, perfect for the gym and training.

Google Fit

Choose your favorite activity and the goal to be achieved! This app is one of the latest inventions made in Google and offers an excellent tool to monitor your daily physical activity. To get the best out of this service, we recommend using an Android Wear smartwatch in order to obtain constant updates directly on the wrist, but even if used on the smartphone, the app provides several interesting functions.

Fitness Buddy: 300+ Exercises

Awarded by ESPN Magazine and Gizmodo as one of the most interesting apps in its sector, this service will allow you to program a wide range of exercises based on the results you want to achieve. Practical and intelligent, ideal for staying in shape and having a complete picture of the physical-sporting situation without going to the gym.

Stretching and Start Stretching

After a well-done workout, it is essential to do a distretching to relax and stretch the muscles of the body, which we have just worked. You can therefore download the app Stretching for Android isStart Stretching for iOS,that offer annotating exercises to be performed before or after any type of physical activity. Both apps are free to download.

Among other interesting applications to manage and organize your summer training, I recommend:

  • Runtastic Six Pack: perfect, powerful and complete workout for your abs. Suitable for both "basic" and more experienced users. It offers many workouts with lots of videos that will show you how to best train your abs
  • Runtastic Butt Trainer: as above, but dedicated to the training of the buttocks
  • Runtastic Leg Trainer: as above, but dedicated to leg training
  • Runtastic Leg Trainer: as above, always dedicated to leg training
  • Runtastic Sit-Ups: as above, but dedicated to abdominal training
  • Runtastic Pull-Ups: as above, but dedicated to shoulder and back training

As you can see, the perfect applications to train during the summer are not lacking. You are spoiled for choice: select the programs that are in line with your interests and objectives and start training.

Happy fitness holidays!

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