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The Best Android Games | May 2014

The Best Android Games | May 2014

With the conclusion of the month of May, full of many novelties in different aspects, the panorama of Android games has certainly observed further growth thanks to the arrival of increasingly curated solutions and titles, both in the gameplay that in the graphic system enhancing the new top of the range, as well as the old glories, equipped with displays that favor a unique user experience, both in the smartphone field and in the tablet field, giving life to an inevitable ranking of suggestions on best Android games, both free and premium, of the month.

Metal Slug Defense


The title is certainly one of the best known and its arrival on mobile can only make fans happy, although in this particular episode we will not have the task of launching attacks on opposing defenses, along paths dotted with dangers and enemies in the classic shooter, but we will have to immerse ourselves in roles immersed in the shoes of resistance being forced to have to develop defenses and towers to resist assaults.

Castle Storm – Free to Siege


If you love style games angry Birds then this is the title that is right for you, one of the best Android games out there in the middle2D mash-ups and a strategy game, capable of offering maximum fun and a myriad of options, including characters, weapons and even magic, with excellent gameplay and a discreet graphic layout.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy


Definitely one of the best shooters and action games available at the moment, with well-designed graphics and a decidedly interesting gamplay that will allow you to destroy different environments, based on various levels, on board vehicles, with many upgrades in terms of weapons, in order to reach after various bosses at the alien base protecting the human race from invaders.

Half Life 2


In terms of shooter among the best Android games, the most engaging and professional solution, as well as classic, certainly the title in question that with the weapons, graphics and quality of the gameplay proposed can compete with the best gaming platforms, like XBox 360 and Sony Play Station 4, available primarily for NVIDIA Shield and a few devices at a cost of 7.99 euros, a price that really describes the value of the game.



In the segment just mentioned, the following title is placed as a welcome novelty, to test reflexes and ability with an alternative shooter, very psychedelic and really complex to follow given the graphic layout that puts your attention to the test, the all at the price of 1.43 euros.



Within the Android strategy games, this title is proposed as a valid futuristic solution having to build towers and plants for the colonization of new worlds, with multiple proposed environments, and at the same time destroy and conquer the areas already occupied, not failing to offer you bloodshed and that minimum of planning of attack that keeps glued to the display.

McGyver Deadly Descent


The name can only recall the best episodes of a saga that has catalyzed the attention of a generation, and precisely on those rudiments of intellect, often even to the extent possible, the game will push you into a plot of action where reasoning skills, such as one of the best puzzle game, will shift the balance between success and failure.



In the puzzle game segment, among the best Android games, this NVIDIA Shield title stands out and a few compatible devices, whose excellent graphic resolution and the complex puzzles proposed, which will facilitate the movement between portals, enhance the mobile gaming sector, helping its growth. . The game available, as for Half Life 2, at the price of 7.99 euros, obviously well spent.

Dragon Coins


Fans of the RPG old-fashioned will only appreciate this gimmick Saw, which knows what it is doing in these areas, proposing an engaging and captivating game that draws many elements from well-known titles and different genres giving life to a result, the result of various mixes, really interesting and worth trying.

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage


To test your skills and reflexes there is nothing better, also combining fun and pastime, all with this excellent game that in the style of the best puzzle games will lead you to have to save the Vikings from frost and cold by cutting the ice and all the obstacles they will find along their way, buying it for 1.82 euros.

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