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The best Android Games: Beach Buggy Blitz and more

The best Android Games: Beach Buggy Blitz and more

This section opens today, edited exclusively by and which will be held exclusively on Wednesdays, basically dedicated to those who for us and for the majority of users arethe best games for android, downloadable for free, when possible, or at a low price through the network and the Play Store.

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Today in particular we will devote ourselves toBeach BuggyBlitz, which has been extensively tested on the now obsolete, given the release of the Galaxy S4, S2 and S3 platforms. Well, this game dedicated to all lovers of high speed and rally, as itBeach Buggy Blitzallows you to start driving a kart, a buggy to be precise, which will have to win the amazing races staged on a beautiful tropical island, where you will find arduous paths dotted with sea monsters and somewhat difficult terrain.

Obviously, like many downloadable games forAndroid,Beach Buggy Blitzit can be completed by various upgrades, which manage to make it more and more interesting for smartphone and tablet users.

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<p>As for the news, although it is not really fresh meat, with just one month of age<strong>Monkey Boxing</strong> the ideal for those who want to spend their time between fun and punches from orbi, being in fact a boxer-style fighting game where as protagonists we find nice monkeys struggling with a deadly match.</p>
<p>All these games are easily found on the net and in the play store and, both<strong>Beach Buggy Blitz</strong>that<strong>Monkey Boxing</strong>they represent a good and classic possibility to "waste" your time a little.</p>
<p>Hope to see you next Wednesday with our address book<strong>The best games for Android</strong>, we wish you a good week of boring work and a crazy weekend.</p>
<p>Beach Buggy Blitz</p>
<p>Monkey Boxing</p>
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