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The best Android apps to move around the city

Google Maps migliori applicazioni Android per spostarti in città

When walking in city or when yes out, maybe allabroad, having an application on your Android phone that allows you to know the location of the meeting points (clubs, restaurants, discos), the artistic beauties (monuments, museums) or the traffic conditions is very useful, in order to optimize your time free. With today's article, therefore, I would like to point out those that are for me best Android apps to move around the city.

Google Maps: impossible not to start the list with the application of Big G which allows you to discover the points of interest in relation to your position. By choosing the mode on foot, you can know what's nearby, the names of the most important monuments, the most famous shops for shopping and so on. The GPS really deserves special mention for knowing the traffic conditions and the location of the bus stops public transport. Ditto for the Street View images. Two shortcomings of Google Maps: for correct operation requires internet connection and consumes too much battery. For the rest, the top.

Moovit best Android applications to get around the city

Moovit: without a doubt one of the best Android apps to move around the city, if you take i public transport. Reason? This free application alerts you when the train, bus, tram or metro passes at each stop. On cities like Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Trieste, Florence, Pisa and many others still a security.

WiFi Finder best Android applications to move around the city

WiFi Finder: an application that must never be missing on your device, especially when you are abroad, as it allows you to know where you can find it for free hotspot. In this way, you will not only reduce the consumption of data traffic, but also that of battery.

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic best Android applications to move around the city

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic: we conclude the list of best Android apps to move around the city with this fantastic free GPS navigator, whose basic mission is to report the position of petrol pumps nearby and the presence of work in progress and accidents that slow down traffic. Inevitable, if you travel by car.

Moving around the city or abroad and finding relevant information will be really easy thanks to these Android applications. Seeing is believing!

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