The best Android apps for students

The best Android apps for students

By now it doesn't miss much at the beginning of the new school year, so why not equip yourself with some applications that can help you during your studies? If you have an Android smartphone, below you can find a list of the best Android apps for students that will allow you to study in a more organized way, to perform complex operations in a short time and to better manage your school commitments, so why not continue reading to discover the best apps for the Android school?

Here is the list of the best Android apps for students and make good use of them! These are apps for high school and college. To download each application mentioned above, just click on its name in bold.

Lemigliori Android apps for students

1. MyHomework

This application can help you, as no. First of all, it must be said that completely in English, however, despite the first difficulties concerning the language and the management of the options made available by the application, I believe you will find it well. Since it is free, all you have to do is try it and say in the comments as it seems to you, in case of problems ask for clarifications.

Android apps for students 1

2. WolFram Alpha

I tell you right away that this application unfortunately a fee, however I believe that if you have any problems with math (and not only ..), they are money well spent. Basically an application that can solve difficult mathematical problems and also shows you how you can get to the answer yourself. However, being an application full of content, features and resources I suggest you read the description provided on the Play Store well. Also this application completely in English. If you are interested in downloading it but you are being held back by the fact that you don't have to worry about paying, I wrote an article explaining how to make money simply by using free Android apps, read here.

Android apps for students 2

3. My Study Life

This too, unfortunately, only in English, but given its usefulness and practicality, I think that you will want to commit yourself to understanding English. This free, so in any case it is worth trying. It allows you to save your homework, lessons and exams and above all to be able to synchronize them on all your devices, so that you can always access them. You may wonder what this application offers in addition to a paper study plan, I can only tell you to try it and tell me how it looks. I feel good about it, even if the sheet of paper and the agenda I always find it hard to abandon (and thankfully ..).

Android apps for students 3

4. Timetable

Also this application offers a sort of diary of daily commitments, with a lot of time scanning. So in my opinion you should choose between this app and the previous one, both together could be superfluous. This too is completely in English and free, the choice is yours!

Android apps for students 4

5. Real-Calc Scientific Calculator

As I think it is easy to understand from the name of the application, this is a scientific calculator, but not any, this is the best available for Android, the most downloaded, with over 20 million downloads. So I don't think any other presentations are necessary, try it!

Android apps for students 5

6. Mathway

Experience the power of Mathway on your Android device and get the solutions to all your math problems, without the need for an internet connection. Mathway supports Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Chemistry and other solutions. You can receive answers to your problems for free, but to see the procedure necessary to get there, you must register.

Android apps for students 6

7. Evernote

This application, free and also in Italian, probably the most practical and compact method for taking notes, which can also be synchronized with the computer, tablet and other devices. However I leave all the explanations to the video presentation of the app itself, in my opinion done very well.

8. My Booklet

If you are a university student, I would say that the latter of the 10 Android application enhancements for students is a must. These are the words used to describe the application on the Play Store, which I prefer to mention rather than rewrite because it seems to me to describe it very well.

"Are you tired of having to wait for Bible times before your university adds your grades to the online booklet? Do you want to know immediately how the grades achieved will change your average? Or maybe just to see how the grade of an exam obtained will influence your average, to decide whether to accept it or not? Try it now MyLibretto, the application that every university student should have!

All the data, your grades, your averages, your course times, the notices … just a Touch away! "

Android apps for students 9

I hope we selected these best Android apps for students, they will be useful for you in this new school year and in the next exam sessions … if you have any more to recommend or you have any doubts leave us a comment below!