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The best Android applications to emulate the GameBoy Color

Emulare GameBoy Color

If you are a lover of retrogaming you will surely remember the GameBoy Color, a portable console from Nintendo produced after the Nintendo GameBoy in black and white.The console was marketed in Europe in November 1998 and could boast a 160 × 144 pixel LCD screen produced by Sharp, a Z80 8-bit Custom processor variable frequency from 4.19 to 8 Mhz also produced by Sharp, 32kByte of RAM, 16 kByte of video Ram and was powered by 2 AA batteries.

GameBoy ColorGameBoy Color

To help you relive those memories, today we offer you an interesting list of the best emulators for Android that will allow you to play your favorite games for GameBoy Color directly on your smartphones and tablets.On the Google Play Store there are not many emulators for GameBoy Color Fortunately for the few emulators present they offer a fairly good gaming experience. Keep in mind that it is not legal to download roms from the internet and that by downloading a software it is possible to incur risks of various types, so if you decide to take this path you will taking all the risks.

We can define My OldBoy! the best Android application to emulate GameBoy and GameBoy Color, optimized in such a way as to require few resources and should run very well on any smartphone and tablet.With My OldBoy! it will be like having a real GameBoy Color at hand, since it offers aaccurate emulation of all aspects of the console. The emulator boasts a good one compatibility with almost all existing games and offers various functions, including the possibility of connecting to a server to play online with your friends. Among the noteworthy functions we also find the one to select a custom palette that will make the classic games colorful GameBoy and function Fast-forward which allows you to increase the speed of the game.

Producer:Fast EmulatorVersion:1.1.0Dimension:520 KBUpdate date:May 20, 2014Price:Free

ROMs work differently on various Android devices, given that they have different hardware characteristics. The applicationJohn GBC Lite very light, so thanks to this emulator you will be able to play satisfactorily even on older smartphones.The emulator already integrates various cheats (Game Genie, Game Shark, PAR) and also supports roms in format .zipFurthermore, you can customize the controls to better adapt them to your playing style.

Producer:John emulatorsVersion:2.62Dimension:1.9 MBUpdate date:October 23, 2014Price: Free

GameBoy Color A.D. downloadable for free from the Play Store, it can read and start games in .gb and .gbc format without problems, therefore backward compatible even with the games of the classic GameBoy. The operation of the application is really simple, just copy the games to the MicroSD of your Android smartphone and start playing. You can change the skin of the emulator and create a personal profile to interact with other players and to view your scores.Also, the emulator offers support for external Joypads.

Producer:BSlappsVersion: 5.3Dimension: 4.0 MBUpdate date: August 18, 2014Price: Free

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