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The best Android applications to create animated GIFs

GIF Camera

The use of Animated GIFs more and more frequent, especially among forum users who want to express their emotions or reactions. Having said that Animated GIFs they are definitely more expressive than emoticons, their very immediate creation. In optics mobile, with today's article, I point out what I think are the best Android applications to create animated GIFs.

GIF Camera: we open the list with the listen5 app which has its ability to insert writings and labels for all images. Creating GIFs from video shot at the moment it takes place directly inside the interface of this extremely immediate instrument during use.

GIF Maker

GIF Maker: overall, the application in question is limited to carrying out the task, as it allows you to record short-term movies (max 10 seconds) and to automatically save in GIF format. Excellent function that allows you to get a new one GIF animated by melting 50 static images. Special mention to the merging of 9 animated GIFs to set up an even longer one.

GIF Creator

GIF Creator: in all frankness my favorite application among those mentioned in this short list, as it allows you to take action on video clips lasting up to 30 seconds. The voluntarily Spartan user interface and perfect integration with social networks (useful in terms of sharing) make GIF Creator an excellent tool.

Fixie GIF Camera

Fixie GIF Camera: we conclude the list of the best with Android applications to create animated GIFs that issued by Kullect Inc. within the photography category of the Play Store. What is special about it? The simplicity with which it allows you to make short films, ready for conversion to animated images. Excellent possibility to translate GIFs from English into Italian, especially for the particularly famous ones.

The choice is yours!

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