The best alternatives to WhatsApp to chat for free

The best alternatives to WhatsApp to chat for free

Has WhatsApp stopped sending messages or is it slowing down your phone too much? Perhaps the time has come to try one of thealternatives to WhatsApp available in the instant messaging landscape. Many of these apps have similar or even superior features to the famous green messaging app, plus they are easy to associate and use, you just have to let your friends know about them as well stay in touch even when WhatsApp doesn't work. We have also considered some well-known apps, but you've probably never considered them as true alternatives to WhatsApp.

If you can't own WhatsApp anymore or because you want to distinguish yourself from the majority and are looking for a viable alternative for messaging with your friends or family, continue reading this guide.

Best alternatives to WhatsApp


Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp! Telegram offers protected secret chats (they do not pass by any server) with a timer for self-destruction, supports GIFs, stickers (easily managed from the keyboard and exchangeable with friends), groups, public channels and has no limit on device synchronization: you can use Telegram simultaneously from any device, including the PC.

To access Telegram just download the app and enter your phone number, from which you will receive the SMS with the code to confirm registration to the service. The service will notify you if there are new friends on Telegram, showing you all the friends who are already using the service.

The links to download Telegram free can be found below:

DOWNLOAD | Telegram (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Telegram (iPhone and iPad)

DOWNLOAD | Telegram (PC and Mac)

Facebook Messenger

The messaging system offered within Facebook can be used in a totally separate way from the social network, maintaining compatibility with one's own list of friends. If you have so many friends who use Facebook and are often in chat, you can install the specific Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone or tablet, definitely one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp for the number of connected and reachable users. This app supports new emojis, animated gifs and allows you to always add new elements, so as to make chats unique with your contacts. To use Facebook Messenger you must have an active Facebook account or log in via SMS so that you can also contact friends in your phone book.

You can download the Facebook Messenger app for free by using one of the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Facebook Messenger (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Facebook Messenger (iPhone and iPad)

DOWNLOAD | Facebook Messenger (Web Access)


alternatives to WhatsApp

Born as a call and video call service, Skype offers a good chat that you can use as an alternative to WhatsApp. You can send new contacts to your contacts every day, use the simultaneous translator to talk to foreign contacts and, if necessary, make a group chat to talk to multiple contacts at the same time. The association is carried out via email Outlook or Hotmail or alternatively with the telephone number (activation via SMS).

If you are interested in downloading Skype on your mobile device as an alternative to WhatsaApp use one of the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Skype (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Skype (iPhone)

DOWNLOAD | Skype (iPad)

DOWNLOAD | Skype Web (for PC)

Other appalternatives to WhatsApp

What I have indicated to you are in my opinion the best alternative apps to WhatsApp that you can install on your phone or tablet, so as to effectively replace WhatsApp if it doesn't work anymore. If you want to test other similar apps here is a list of similar ones:

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