The best alternatives to read at Facebook Messenger

The best alternatives to read at Facebook Messenger

Have you installed Facebook Messenger on your smartphone but did you realize that this app consumes too much battery and takes up too much space in memory? If you want to continue sending messages with your friends on Facebook without having to fear that your smartphone slows down at any moment, you can try one of the followingread alternatives to Facebook Messenger. These solutions that you will find below, are very useful for those who own a smartphone that is not really brand new with little internal memory, but does not want to give up sharing their opinions on Facebook.

They are not new social networks, but these apps interface with your Facebook account and allow you to chat with the same convenience as the original app, without having to fear a sharp drop in battery life or a freeze due to excessive memory consumption. If you have a smartphone with little memory, choose the app you like best, to avoid giving up all the features of Facebook with a limited device.

Alternatives read at Facebook Messenger

Messenger Lite

Alternatives read at Facebook Messenger

Facebook itself provides one of the best alternatives to read at Facebook Messenger! This app is called Messenger Lite and a lightened version without any graphic effect of the original app, which can therefore run easily even on older devices or on those where the battery does not last as before. Despite the wording Lite this app allows you to do exactly the same things as the original app: you can send messages, stickers, make free calls and start a group chat, so you can talk to several people at the same time.

If you are interested you can download this app for Android for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Messenger Lite

Messenger for Facebook

Alternatives read at Facebook Messenger

Among the light alternatives to Facebook Messenger you can also find this app, able to replace in a single shot both the Facebook app (always full of bugs and slow even on fast devices) and the Facebook Messenger app. In a single quick and snappy app you can check your Facebook profile and read the notifications and simultaneously read and write messages on Messenger, exactly as it was possible to do once with the old releases of the Facebook app.

If you are interested in this app you can download it for Android for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Messenger for Facebook

Lite for Facebook

Alternatives read at Facebook Messenger

The last light alternative to Facebook Messenger that you point out Lite for Facebook, which contains within it all the best of the two apps managed by the social blue in a lightweight app, fast even on older and practical devices. Just log in with your credentials to be able to read Facebook notifications and send messages on Messenger, with the additional security of Secury Lock, which prevents anyone who picks up your smartphone (as a joke or a mistake) from reading or write on Facebook without your knowledge.

You can download this app for Android for free by following the link below.

DOWNLOAD |Lite for Facebook

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