The best 5 CyanogenMod alternatives

The best 5 CyanogenMod alternatives

In this article, we take care of the best 5 CyanogenMod alternatives based on our experience. Very recently, Cyanogen announced to all of us Android system enthusiasts a heartbreaking and shocking report on the passing of their most beloved software. While we initially thought it would only close the company Cyanogen Inc, unfortunately it was not so, it also dragged the CyanogenMod software, which really shook the whole Android eco-system. After the disappearance of the famous ROM, what are the CyanogenMod alternatives?

For several years, CyanogenMod has been the most used custom ROM on Android devices and millions of users have installed it on their smartphones as an alternative to the official Android ROM. Now that it is no longer up to date and users are no longer able to receive patch updates or software updates, it is no longer safe to rely on CyanogenMod. So what do you do? The purpose of this article is to propose the 5 best CyanogenMod alternatives that will help you choose your next ROM.

Below is our selection of the 5 best CyanogenMod alternatives of all time. We also report the official links of these ROMs. You can check the Xda forum for more information on these custom ROMs.

Note: You have certainly asked a question. And the LineageOS ROM? In this list we have not mentioned it as this is the same custom CyanogenMod ROM. To learn more about LineageOS I suggest you read this guide:

LINK |How to install Lineage OS on all Android devices

The 5 best alternatives of CyanogenMod

Resurrection Remix

It is one of the most up-to-date and also more stable ROMs than all the others, and Resurrection Remix undoubtedly is the closest app that can be called the true successor of CyanogenMod. With the Nougat ROMs, Resurrection Remix offers a series of incredible customization options and features a series of mini-apps to make Android the way you want it. Resurrection Remix borrows the features of almost all available ROMs and offers them in one package.

LINK DOWNLOAD |Resurrection Remix

Paranoid Android

This is a very old custom ROM, Paranoid Android has been around for many years and the latest builds are running Android version 7.1.1, and honestly, they are all amazing. Introduces new features like Pie controls, Hover for notifications, an Immersive Mode and a dynamic status bar for complete customizations. There is also a ROM theme for Marshmallow.

LINK DOWNLOAD | Paranoid Android

Slim Custom ROM

This ROM is universally famous for the introduction of an entire dark user interface at the system level and also for adding many new features to the device. Its other features include Slim Recents, the reduced mode of viewing recent applications, and even SlimDialer, complete control over Privacy Guard, notification reminders and much more! The new updates are released faster than those of the same CyanogenMod and that is always a good thing.


Omni ROM

This ROM was developed by the same ex-CyanogenMod developers and has many new features such as the OmniJAWS weather service, the DSPManager system, the delta update system, the dark mode user interface, the quick settings panel, the improved “Not disturb "and OmniSwitch. The lightweight ROM works alongside the stock version of Android, which puts it on this list in first place. If you need a custom ROM full of features, then Omni ROM must be absolutely proven.


Carbon ROM

Also this is an old ROM, very well known at the time of Android 4.4 KitKat, but then we had lost the tracks after Android 5 Lollipop. Now back with a new ROM based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. It has a myriad of clean features in store, like a theme engine, and ROM among the fastest. Recently, with the version of Nougat, ROMs have also been released for different devices including Pixel and Pixel XL.


These are our choices for the best 5 CyanogenMod alternatives. If you have other suggestions, you can report them in the comments section below!