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The autographed Macworld returns to auction.

The autographed Macworld returns to auction. – Macitynet.it

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Removed all doubts (?) On the veracity of the signature on the cover, the first issue of Macworld autographed by Jobs again on auction on eBay, after the very high relaunches, but evidently not sufficient, according to the owner, who does not wish to advertise his name Well the $ 2,274 figure reached in early January, we talked about it earlier in December, here is the link, but now there is a news: the newspaper also bears the signature of the other Apple founder, Steve Wozniak… nothing easier that this was added on the occasion of the Macworld Expo where Woz fleetingly appeared. Those interested, ready to spend a lot of dollars (already at the time of going online they have exceeded the 5,000 dollars!), can try to make their offer on the site eBay where the new auction is held, which will close on February 3.

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