The Atooma assistant app arrives on the iPhone

The Atooma assistant app arrives on the iPhone

The personal assistant lands on iOs with new features and a simpler interface

(Photo: Atooma)(Photo: Atooma)

On the net it was talked about for a while, now official: after Android, Atooma lands on iOs. The digital enabler of the company based in Rome and San Francisco is a system that allows you to turn your smartphone into a kind of personal assistant, where you set the rules.

Atooma works precisely with setting if-do: you decide the conditions and choose the corresponding actions. For example: if I leave the house, turn off the wi-fi, if the battery is getting low, decrease the brightness of the display, and so on. The team calls themsmart action. Besides the ones the user establishes, there are also predefined and intuitive rules.

In recent months the software has been perfected, also thanks to the dialogue with users to understand their needs and implement them in the devices. The developers of Atooma have worked to land on iOs pushing on simplicity, to make the presence of the personal assistant almost invisible.

For now in beta, and by signing up on the App Store you can stay informed of all developments. The official release will come later, with new smart actions.


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