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The Apple Design Awards have been awarded to the best apps for iPhone and iPad

During an official ceremony that took place last night in San Francisco, Apple awarded the Apple Design Awards to the developers of the best apps for iPhone and iPad. The signaling and the votes to elect the best software come directly from the developers themselves who have the possibility to indicate only one preference. The Apple Design Awards are attributed to the software that best exploited the hardware and software technologies of the iPhone and iPad, apps that stand out for their design and user experience, for innovation and also for the performance offered. Here is the list of award-winning apps:

Financial Times iPad Edition free on the App Store. It allows you to read the integrated edition of the Financial Times on iPad: the contents will be free until July 31 after which you must sign up for a subscription. The intriguing Doodle Jump game that Macitynet has already talked about on several occasions, see for example here and also here.

Brushes was also awarded the brilliant app that allows you to draw, paint and color on the iPhone and touch screen. Brushes jumped to the headlines when it was discovered that it was used to make the cover of The New Yorker on June 1st 2009. Available on the App Store for 3.99 euros. TabToolkit a powerful app that allows you to view musical notation and guitar tablature. It offers multitrack playback and all the tools and functions for learning to play. On the App Store for 7.99 euros.

The Articles app offers numerous tools to improve Wikipedia search and display on iPhone and touch. It detects the user's position to offer voices and info on the main places of interest nearby, allows you to select the desired language for browsing Wikipedia, offers tools for checking the indexes and for scrolling through entire articles in an instant. In addition to the version for iPhone and touch for 2.39 euros also available for iPad for 3.99 euros. 20 Minutes Meals offers with a surprising quality the promise of the title: to prepare delicious lunches in only 20 minutes. In addition to a full list of recipes, this app offers a simple and quick step-by-step guide to follow with an image for each step. Among the useful functions also that to speed up purchases at the supermarket with a list organized according to the various sections of the shop. On the App Store for 5.99 euros.

The excellent Star Walk for iPad was also awarded, the app that makes the starry sky even more beautiful on the iPad screen. Just point the tablet to the sky to have all the information on the celestial body in sight. It integrates 3D models and information of over 9,000 stars and can make astronomy fun and immediate. On the App Store for 3.99 euros. Three remarkable games complete the list of apps awarded with the Apple Design Awards: car racing with Real Racing at 3.99 on the App Store, the ingenious Flight Control HD for 3.99 euros for iPad and finally the pinball machine completely digitally recreated from Gameprom with Pinbal HD.

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