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The app to save the photos you like on Instagram

The Likes and Recover apps allow you to save the photos you liked on Instagram directly on your phone

instagram like.001

Little hearts as if it were raining, but no "historical memory". Who uses Instagram knows it: you can express your appreciation by clicking the heart under a photo, but there is no possibility to let others hang themselves like, as it happens on Twitter: on Instagram, in fact, the Favorites are not public, but are only accessible between the settings of your account. From today for those who use Instagram on iOS there are two new features that also have this function to do.

likeslets you see and save the photos that you are liked on the social network. Double click and you can decide whether to save the photo even on the phone. Interesting the possibility of returning to the real image on Instagram simply by holding down on the photo in your gallery.

Recoverworks practically like Likes, but saves own photos of Instagram on the roll of the phone. It becomes easier to use the photo outside the social network and do what not allowed on Intsagram how to use the zoom or send the image through a chat app.


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