The app to create 3D models with a photo

The app to create 3D models with a photo

Thanks to Itseez3D it will be very easy to turn images taken from an iPad into 3D.

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Itseez3D an application that allows you to transform into 3Dphotos of any object or person shot from your iPad. Born from a collaboration with the computer vision company occipital, the app will have different uses, professional and not.

Here's how it works: you need to set a particular technology on the iPad, the Structure Sensor, and then start shooting moving the device around the housing that you want to render in 3D. Later, the app uses software that works on cloud to return atrimensional image of the object by reducing the time and costs of a process until recently it is hardly accessible to the general public.

Possible uses are easy to understand: for example, designers, architects and engineers they will be able to create three-dimensional images directly with the iPad, showing their work with ease and speed. And we can all make it much more fun selfies that we take!


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