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The advantages of having WordPress on a Cloud solution

wordpress on the cloud

Who is running a website in WordPress must evaluate the choice of the best hosting to use. The options are many and find the one that best suits your needs is not simple. The most used solutions are shared hosting, supported by dedicated servers if more resources are needed.

The problem of these solutions that, should the website become more popular and there was a need for more power, it is necessary to migrate to a new hosting.

From shared hosting to cloud hosting

The technologies made available in recent years have evolved and the term cloud has become increasingly popular. Today the wisest choice is to start with a solution cloud hosting, as it is more flexible and able to provide various services. One of the advantages of cloud hosting the possibility of allocating, in a dynamic manner, the resources necessary for the proper functioning of the site. This causes the site to become scalable and if it is expected to grow steadily over the months no migration to more powerful dedicated servers is required, but you can simply assign more resources.

As can be easily understood, cloud solutions have a strong impact on the availability of resources made available for a website, which turns into greater reliability, because resources for a site are dynamically managed when necessary. All the problems relating to the hardware resources of the servers which, up to now, had to manage the online permanence of the website, therefore lapse.

Unlike most traditional hosting solutions, with the cloud you do not have a single server available, but you can configure more servers that can communicate with each other, so as to eventually divide the load or manage the server disruptions more efficiently.

Advantages of cloud hosting

The concrete advantages in using a cloud solution are many.

  • Pay-per-use: pay only for what you actually consume, without running the risk of overestimating your site's traffic.
  • Dedicated resources: you will not have to share resources with other websites or services, which could use most of the resources made available to the server and therefore slow down your site.
  • Flexibility / scalability: possibility to customize and change the space in the cloud according to your needs, setting how you want CPU and RAM, even with scheduled operations.
  • Safety: if with traditional hosting the risk of downtime, although not frequent, concrete, with the cloud server this danger practically absent. Your website data will be stored on multiple servers, so you can save them if one of them fails.

Why WordPress better on a cloud hosting?

The biggest advantage of hosting your website on the cloud that manages to manage traffic peaks efficiently. Cloud computing makes dynamic scalability a reality that in practice means that your site will be able to host a significant peak of traffic (during holidays, special discounts or limited-time sales) without having to have a fixed cost for a server more powerful that it would not be exploited 95% of the time but only paying the additional resources when requested.

Furthermore, guaranteed site uptime. Since the cloud is basically a network of servers, you can be sure that your site will not have to face downtime. After setting up your website, the data is copied to multiple servers. This means that if the server TO if it is out of service for maintenance, your site would be served by the server B without having to face downtime.

How to configure Aruba Cloud to run WordPress on Linux

Aruba Cloud is the Aruba brand that deals with offering and managing cloud services, in Italy and abroad. an excellent solution to consider if you want to start a new site in WordPress (or transfer the already existing one) and want to take advantage of all the advantages of the cloud. Below I'll show you how to configure WordPress on Aruba Cloud.

  • First you need to register on the Aruba Cloud website and access the control panel of your Aruba account.
  • In the control panel make sure it is selected Cloud Computing in the upper bar and then click on Create new server.
Aruba Cloud
  • A new page will open where you can configure the cloud server. In the first option select SMART and under Server Information, type the name you want to give to your server.
WordPress on Linux
  • At the third point of the wizard you can choose to configure the server starting from a Template. In the search bar type WordPress and in the template list, on the left, select CentOS 7.x 64bit WordPress.
  • Click on Choose this template to confirm the selection.
CentOS 7.x 64bit WordPress
  • Complete the wizard by typing in a password to manage the server and choosing a size, or the resources to assign to your cloud hosting. If you are creating a new site then Small can meet your initial needs.

After confirming the configuration, on the main page of the control panel you have the possibility to view the new cloud server. Wait for it to be activated. At the end of the initialization phase you can access your new WordPress installation by typing the IP address that was assigned by Aruba.

From this moment on you can start managing the new WordPress instance. If you need it, you can manage the resources assigned to the cloud hosting or activate new functions such as Cloud Monitoring, which alerts you if there are any problems.