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The 5 best car racing games for Android

migliori giochi corse auto

What is more exciting to watch a car race? Obviously, take part in an experience like no other! Most of us, however, can only dream of competing in a real race, and racing on the road they are still quite illegal, so they are not an option to consider.adrenalin pure that is obtained when, during a car race, you overtake an opponent just before the incredible goal.

This article has all the necessary ingredients to make your experience unique and help you become pilots of your destiny (in the game, of course). You may not compete on a real circuit, but the racing games on the list below will make the experience very realistic, so don't waste any more time! Download one of the best racing games for Android and improvise the virtual Michael Schumacher of the moment.

Real Racing shows what the Android platform can offer even at no cost. The game has the best graphics we've ever seen in any Android racing game, there are over 70 vehicles and more than 2000 events to attend. The cars are incredibly detailed and the way they reflect the incredible light.From the front bumper to the spoiler, the cars are identical to the real ones and the markers left on the road by the wheels remain for the rest of the race.The best part of Real Racing is the possibility of being able to set the front view of the dashboard, making the experience more immersive, in addition, despite being a smartphone game, Real Racing is very difficult.During the carrier mode, the challenges will become increasingly intense and it will be difficult to rank first.

Producer:ELECTRONIC ARTSVersion:3.0.1Dimension:42 MBUpdate date:December 11, 2014Price:Free

CSR Racingcombines a good database with a solid gameplay, to offer the best drag racing experience among all the car racing games in the Play Store.The car models are made with great care and are incredibly detailed, winning the races you earn money that you can spend to update your self evincere gameplay is not too complicated and to be honest, easy enough to understand, but it will be your experience to make the game more competitive, changing gears at the right time becomes essential and could lead to a victory or a defeat.

Producer:NaturalMotionGames LtdVersion:2.4.0Dimension:270 MBUpdate date:December 8, 2014Price:Free

Slingshot Racing the most unique racing game for Android that we have had the opportunity to try.It is a game developed exclusively for touchscreen devices in which you will have to deal with miniature cars and very special game mechanics. You will be able to meet wonderful environments steampunk made of icy slopes, grappling hooks, snowmen and much more! Your vehicle equipped with a ramp that attaches to the special poles around the track, just touch any corner of the screen to launch the grappling hook and increase the speed of the vehicle. The career mode includes 64 races with different objectives and requirements, you can take part in simple competitions to conquer the top of the podium or take timed races, trying to file as many seconds as possible, challenging other players on the Game Center leaderboards. Also, if you prefer, you can test your courage by challenging the fearsome chew while chasing you on the trackmultiplayer local for up to 4 players and, with a few touches you can even create small tournaments or make it more fun with random elements.

Producer:Crescent Moon GamesVersion: MBUpdate date:April 13, 2014Price:0.74

Asphalt 8: Airborne an incredibly balanced racing game, even if it is a free title you feel the lack of nothing, the licensed cars are well made and the large number of options available to you staggering.Asphalt 8 a fast-paced arcade game for racing fans extreme arcade games, with dream machines and fantastic graphics that even lovers of classic driving simulators will like, the game adds stunts to the typical Burnout dynamics.

Producer:GameloftVersion:Varies by deviceDimension:Varies by deviceUpdate date:December 18, 2014Price:Free

Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Android a great game to play if you are not familiar with the console version.It has good graphics and amazing cars, but if you have played the version for PC and console, you will notice that the Android version lacks content, especially if you consider the price, fans of the series will feel disappointed by the lack of the open world. The movements of the car are very reactive, as on consoles, this is very difficult to replicate on a mobile game, since usually the hardware limitations do not allow to run graphics engines with advanced physics.

Producer:ELECTRONIC ARTSVersion:1.0.50Dimension:12 MBUpdate date:January 13, 2014Price:4.49

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