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The 3D via the Internet is getting closer

The Internet is getting closer and closer

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Macromedia challenges MetaCreations in the promising field of 3D object visualization via the Internet and to launch its glove it allies with Intel. The strategic partnership should lead to the release of a new version of the Shockwave plug-in that will allow the randerization directly on the computer of the end user of 3D objects in high quality but with limited bandwidth absorption. Some 3D software vendors, such as Alias ​​| Wavefront, have already said that they will support the new technology by adding export features to their graphics packages. The announcement comes in a full-fledged context that seems to polarize on two opposing blocks. On the one hand Macromedia, Intel and Alias ​​| Wavefront, and on the other MetaStream and Adobe. The producers of PhotoShop, in fact, after having purchased Carrara from the former MetaCreations, have announced that they will add support to the MetaStream technology. If Macromedia does not commit false steps, the strong penetration of Shockwave (137 million plug-ins installed) could easily establish a base difficult to displace by the competition. As for the Mac, according to MacWeek which has an article on the subject, Macromedia's technology would be the privileged one, given that, despite the alliance with Intel, ample guarantees were provided on the release of a version for Mac. On the contrary MetaStream from a year now he has very slow forward the development of a Mac version of his plug-in. Currently version 3 is not yet available for our platform.

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