140 characters twitter 280 characters

The 140 Twitter characters exceeded: now double the text to 280 characters

The 140 Twitter characters are exceeded, the experimentation begins to double the text to 280 characters. The target? Increase activity on Twitter

The 140 Twitter characters were a strict rule of the social for years, then something changed, the space for users was no longer enough and Twitter began to not consider the links, the images in this count. Now Twitter has announced a more rooted choice from the 140 characters that will expand the number of characters available for tweets to 280 characters (currently only for some languages) so that people can express their thoughts in a more articulate way.

>>> Now official Twitter for 280 for all: Read HERE the update <<<

Twitter characters: from 140 to 280, double space for Tweets

This novelty will initially be available only to a limited number of users, being currently considered a test, rather than a common function for everyone.

Twitter to 280 characters to facilitate some languages

Twitter claims to have made the decision to expand the space available for tweets as the character limitation seems to impact tweets in some languages, including: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, compared to others, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

140 characters twitter 280 characters

As explained by the company in a post on their blog, the last of the two language groups taken for example could gather twice as much information in the same number of characters, thanks to a different use of the characters, compared to the first group for which this is not possible. Twitter has studied what it means to us, in terms of the length of tweets in the various geographical areas, and has found that only 0.4% of tweets in Japanese reach 140 characters, while for English we reach 9%; the social platform has also found that the average of Japanese tweets of 15 characters, compared to the average of 34 characters for most tweets in English.

140 characters twitter 280 characters

Examples of how the 140 Twitter characters are used in different languages

Because of this consideration, the new expanded 280-character limit will be gradually diffused for those languages ​​that most accuse the current limitation, which, based on what has been stated, basically covers all languages, except Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

An epochal change

This remarkable change for the social network, as many users have been debating for years about the opportunities potentially offered by the expansion of the number of available characters. Some have argued that such a change could make Twitter less restrictive and therefore encourage longer conversations, while others have stated that the focus of the social on brevity that which differentiates it from others in a substantial way and which represents the very essence of its service, compared to other platforms.

Twitter has historically always rejected the idea. Last year, for example, the company's CEO, Jack Dorsey, responded to a news story about the possible expansion of the characters to 10,000 by stating that the 140-character limit was a beautiful constraint and Twitter didn't want to lose that feeling.

In recent months, however, the company has begun to distance itself from the 140-character limit, a move derived from the fact that the service is regularly used to share posts that extend beyond simple text; with the possibility of using Twitter also to host photos, GIFs, polls and videos, he also felt the need to allow users to be able to post both their media content and their thoughts in the same tweet.

In the spring of 2016, Twitter stopped counting the media within the character count and then, this March, has, amid criticism, changed the nature of how responses @ work on its service. Again the intent of the change was to free up space in the tweets to allow users to better express their thoughts and comments, moving, in this case, the @reply outside the tweet text field, becoming, instead, part of the metadata.

Despite the recent choice to widen the limit, on his blog, Twitter insists however that Twitter remains tied to brevity and this makes it such a beautiful way of seeing what is happening. Twitter goes straight to the point with the information or thoughts that matter. This is something that will never change, says the recent official blog post.

The new Twitter composition screen no longer shows the character count

Not only the 280 characters, the new interface is also coming

Alongside this change, Twitter is also updating the user interface so that it no longer shows the character count, except when approaching the end of the available characters and in this way there will be no way to know how many characters remain up to when there are only 20, or 10 for Japanese, Chinese and Koreans.

Over 140 characters: meaning, we want people to tweet more

On the other hand, Twitter is finally trying to expand the space available for tweets, to make things clearer for the company: we note that in all markets, where people are not forced to restrict their thoughts to 140 characters, but rather people are posting more tweets. With regards to the statement, a company spokesperson clarified that this is not the result of a beta test already publicly performed, but an observation on how tweets are used in different languages, meaning that in the markets where there is more room to express yourself through tweets, people post more tweets.

The changes to Twitter's product have had no impact on growth

Expand the n. of characters on twitter, to simplify communication

The central idea from the company point of view that in the absence of confusing limitations on the use of the platform, including the limitations on character counting, people will use Twitter more and a greater number of actual users than this social platform needs now, considering its flat user growth and the decline in profits generated by its advertising system.

blame the 140 characters if Twitter doesn't grow?

But, ultimately, it may not be the technical limitations that slow Twitter's growth, in fact, despite efforts to limit offensive behavior, many see this network as too public and vulnerable to attacks, trolls and other forms of maltreatment. Twitter also found it difficult to control the problem of bots, among others, or of neo-Nazi groups, etc.

Still nothing to change the Tweets

Twitter then ignored the insistent requests regarding the possibility of tweet tweets, although never say the company 's answer to the question in a recent interview on the subject was never mentioned.

Twitter stated that the new expanded 280 character limit will initially be available to a limited and random number of social users via iOs, Android and desktop. The test is expected to not last very long, maybe just weeks, before Twitter makes a final choice about expanding the function publicly.