The 10th generation Intel Core vPro CPUs are ready

The 10th generation Intel Core vPro CPUs are ready

Intel unveiled a new series of 14nm chips, Comet Lake series CPUs for laptops and desktops, a mix of Core and Xeon series chips, all labeled as belonging to the vPro platform.

The 10th generation Intel Core vPro processors are designed for laptops and desktops; the manufacturer promises improvements in productivity, connectivity, security functions and remote management.

Intel does not indicate precise benchmarks but speaks generally of generic improvements, reporting these data: "overall application performance up to 40% better than a notebook 3 years ago" and "data analysis and visualization up to 44% faster than a desktop4 of 5 years ago ‚ÄĚ.

Introduced new 10th Generation Intel Core vPro CPUs

Among the peculiarities of the 10th generation Intel Core vPro and the Xeon W-1200E series based on the vPro platform, theIntel Hardware Shield, foundation that promises the manufacturer "provides hardware-enhanced and integrated security features to help prevent cyber attacks" with advanced threat detection and extended security features below the operating system to help safeguard critical system memory.

VPro technology available for years. Presented way back in 2006, it has been improved generation after generation, and Intel presents it as particularly suitable for business computing and for the remote control of IT systems with various intrinsic security mechanisms involved.

Notebook and desktop PCs equipped with the new 10th generation Intel Core vPro processors will be available from PC manufacturers over the next few months.