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The 10 killer apps for the battery of your Android device


There are some applications like Facebook that each of us uses several times a day on their Android devices, without knowing why it is one of the main ones killer as regards the battery consumption. But it is not only social networks that drain the refills of our smartphones and tablets, we find out which ones are the worst.

The results come from a new one research carried out by AVG who took anonymous data from more than 1 million AVG users who use Android applications, in order to create a list of the main killers with regards to battery life. Among the main actors of this battery consumption there are often the applications that include the manufacturers on our devices, three of these ten that we will see today are made by Samsung, but also the news applications give their beautiful contribution to the battery erosion.

62 percent of the time we spend on ours Android smartphone or tablet we use games, they also contribute to battery consumption, occupying 4 of the 10 places in the ranking that we will see below. But what can we do if the battery drops dramatically? AVG recommends disabling application notifications, having the device update intervals, clearing the cache of temporary files and limiting the amount of data an app can download. Let's see below the rankings that emerged:

Top 10 Applications

  1. Facebook
  2. Path
  3. 9GAG Funny Pics & Videos
  4. Instagram
  5. Spotify Music
  6. BBM (BlackBerry)
  7. QQ (Tencent Technology)
  8. textPlus Free Text & Calls
  9. Wattpad Free Books & Stories
  10. iFunny:)

Top 10 Stock applications

  1. AllShareCast Dongle S / W Update (Samsung)
  2. ChatON Voice & Video Chat (Samsung)
  3. Beaming Service for Beep’n’Go (Moheam)
  4. magicApp: Free Calls (magiclack VocalTec)
  5. Samsung WatchON Tablets
  6. Facebook
  7. Path
  8. PPS for Mobile
  9. Vault-Hide SMS Pics & Videos
  10. Al-Moazin Lite Prayer Times

Top 10 games

    1. Puzzle & Dragons
    2. Hay Day
    3. candy Crush Saga
    4. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
    5. Cookie Jam
    6. Pet Rescue Saga
    7. Clash of Clans
    8. Bubble Witch 2 Saga
    9. Farm Heroes Saga
    10. angry Birds

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