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Terrorism on Twitter, suspended 935,000 accounts

Terrorism on Twitter: in the last Transparency Report released the numbers on actions aimed at fighting accounts linked to terrorism

Terrorism on Twitter: in a blog post on the Transparency Report published twice a year, the social media highlighted, among other information, some numbers on actions aimed at fighting accounts linked to terrorist activities. Suspended accounts include accounts actively involved in promoting or inciting violence associated with internationally recognized terrorist organizations and accounts that have attempted to circumvent previous suspensions.

In 2017 more than 300,000 accounts suspended on Twitter for terrorism

In the first half of this year Twitter has removed almost 300,000 accounts that fell into this case and, underlines the social, 75% of these were closed before they could post just one tweet. Account suspensions for this year are slightly lower than the second half of 2016, which saw the closure of 376,000 accounts. In his recent report, the company has incisively emphasized its commitment to combat account-related activities related to terrorism, stating that 95% of the suspensions occurred thanks to the intervention of their tools and algorithms and that less than 1% derived from direct requests from government institutions. The government's role in eliminating terrorism suspects from the platform has been reduced by 80% compared to the second half of 2016.

Twitter's responses to digital terrorism

Not the first time we talk about terrorism on Twitter. The social media has recently been criticized for the alleged inadequacy of its response to terrorist activities and some argued that the platform actually contributed to the growth of violent extremist movements. The company, along with Facebook and Google, has even been denounced by relatives of the victims of the San Bernardino attack for inaction and taken to court by the wife of an American contractor killed in Jordan, with the accusation of having allowed the presence of ISIS supporters on their site. The UK parliament also recalled Twitter, along with Facebook and Google, claiming that it did not act sufficiently forcefully to clean up its platform from terrorists. THEtechnology giants have come together and are experimenting with new solutions to counter this phenomenonrampant and fight it incisively.

Almost a million accounts for Terrorism on Twitter were suspended

Despite the criticisms, Twitter underlines in its very recent report that it has suspended, since August 2015, 935.897 accounts, suspected of promoting terrorism.

The alternrorism struggle on Twitter

Below is an excerpt from the Twitter blog about the activities carried out to counter terrorism-affiliated activities, as reported in their report.

The ongoing commitment of Twitter in eliminating this type of activity from our platform, we read in the post about it, reached an 80% reduction in accounts reported by governments, compared to the period of the previous report relating to the period from the first of July to 31 December 2016 It should be noted that requests by the government were lower than 1% of account suspensions for the promotion of terrorist activities, in relation to the first half of this year. Instead, 95% of account suspensions were the result of our internal efforts to combat this content, thanks to our proprietary tools, starting from a 74% of the previous report.

terrorism on twitter transparency report