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Ten years of PDF are far too long to be tolerated by Microsoft

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Ten years of PDF are too long to be tolerated by Microsoft –

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Five hundred million readers spread across the globe are an amazing achievement for Adobe, with Acrobat (progenitor of the PDF – Portable Document Format). Announced months ago, Microsoft's XDocs was to be an XML-based solution – Extensible Markup Language but, as often happens with Microsoft in the middle, the cards on the table have magically transformed into something else.If there was a need for confirmations, in addition to the initial hypotheses expressed in the fall, just note the passage of the company of Joe Esbach, former head of the Acrobat division at Adobe to enter as vice president at Microsoft with development tasks of Microsoft Reader.XDocs according to the specifications of Redmond would remain tied to XML only but it is not difficult to imagine that a fusion of the functions between Microsoft Reader and XDocs could soon translate into a tool, of the suite Office, for TabletPC that makes all web content readable in the same format for users of this type of computer. be aware of this strategy and the acquisition of Accelio last February tends to get new "technological shields" in defense of Acrobat. Only time will give us a definitive answer, we just have to wait for the middle of 2003.

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