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Telegram: update and new features to get closer to WhatsApp

Telegram: update and new features to get closer to WhatsApp

The sector of instant messaging now appears to be close to important changes forced by the moves of some services, such as the separation of Facebook from Facebook Messenger, which inevitably push the main competitors to provide new features, perhaps even developing unfulfilled strategies, to keep up with the changes and among these, in the foreground, we cannot fail to mention Telegram, a rival service of Whatsapp long exploited by many users.

Although the numbers are still minimal to be able to worry precisely the duopoly represented by Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, Telegram continues to attract a fair number of users every day, all thanks to the various functionality that bring the services closer and among which, with the new update, the possibility of sending is added broadcast messages. To date, among the gaps in the service, this last feature was one of the most important to be missed, the Telegram development team has therefore decided to decrease the technical gap by taking advantage of the favorable period, given the many blackout that WhatsApp is, and continues to face, in the dissatisfaction of its users.

It is not yet clear what future plans are for Telegram, considering it as one of the possible features capable of definitively moving the balance needle, i.e. voice callswings, both for some time under consideration Whatsapp but given the times, slow enough for development, it could soon be introduced in advance by the minor competitor, an unconfirmed detail but one that represents our hope to further stimulate competition in the segment of applications for instant messaging. To check the availability of the update, or try the application, you can do it through the following link:

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