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Telegram: official links to chats, account migration and number change

Telegram: update and new features to get closer to WhatsApp

Competition in the instant messaging among the main services of interest, and in particular between Whatsapp is Telegram, is allowing these days to be able to view news from both sides on a functional level. Between the two for the second app to show the most vivid signs of a growth that after an initial emulation period has embarked on an independent track that does not mind for quality and efficiency.

In fact, Telegram has concluded the release of one of the most substantial updates for the functionality and structure of the service, among the improvements made that range from security to the flexibility of managing instant messaging accounts, we can find the possibility to migrate the top.account you hate change the number. This is a feature that has always been invoked by users to transform the profile as a single account independent of the associated number, which can be easily changed, all favoring the migration of conversations and settings between numbers simplifying the system.

The news was, as mentioned, also extended to security by introducing managementPerfect Forward Secrecy, or an encryption system that responds to the same launched by WhatsApp for their conversations offering greater protection, in addition to chat sharing accessible from specific links “".

The speed and number of news provided by Telegram, especially after the arrival of theinterface in Material Design, are not surprising considering the growth times of the service, to check for the update or, if you have not already done so, to try the service you can contact the Google Play Store:AppLink-googleplaystore

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