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TechTool to version 4.0

TechTool Pro comes to version 4.0

The utility suite produced by Micromat native to Cocoa and allows the verification, repair and maintenance of disks and volumes on OSX.

TechTool Pro 4 presents a redesigned Acqua interface and an easy navigation window among all the features of the program.

Interesting is the possibility of using "eDrive", an invisible emergency volume on your hard disk from which to restart and intervene by copying the system to other volumes, repairing it in case of damage to other volumes.

News in disk optimization, on CPU, memory, power supply control of your mac, internet connection, network, modem and even some third party external devices.

It is possible to be informed via email by the software itself of the results and operations planned on TechTool Pro 4, the entire use of the suite protected by a user password that limits access and use of the application options.

The Micromat website has not yet been updated

[By Rudy Belcastro]