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Tax results for the quarter tomorrow

Tax results for the quarter tomorrow – Macitynet.it

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After Macworld, the time has come for the declaration of tax results. During the day tomorrow (beginning at 23 Italian time) Apple will present the data concerning the 90 days that closed at the end of December.

The event awaited with interest by analysts. The period that will be illustrated by Fred Anderson, head of Apple's financial operations, in fact considered one of the most critical for Cupertino as for all companies that have a focus on the consumer market. Including, in fact, the Christmas period normally the richest of the quarters and the one on which Apple has always counted to give inspiration to its annual profits.

The forecasts are not for enthusiasts. Apple could post, according to what Cupertino said itself, profits only modest growth compared to the previous quarter. Some analysts are even more pessimistic and argue that Cupertino will not achieve the goals it had set itself in the course of the statements that served as corollary to the previous fiscal quarter.

Fred Anderson's lecture will be broadcast live, via QuickTime Audio.

Macitynet, as always, will follow the tax report closely with timely services and insights.

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